7 Port USB 3.0 Hub by Qicent Review #165

Being able to charge multiple devices at once in one location is a benefit for anyone with more than one device. Being able to access or transfer data from multiple devices at once is even better.  That is where this review of the7 Port USB 3.0 Hub by Qicent begins.

In this review I will cover the following topics:

    • What’s in the Box?
    • What Does the Qicent 7 Port USB Hub do?
    • How Fast Does it Transfer Data?
    • How Fast Does it Charge?
    • Is the Qicent 7 Port USB Hub Good For Private Investigators?
    • Final Thoughts

What is in the Box?

      • 7 Port USB Hub
      • Power Cable
      • Instructions
      • USB 3.0 Type B Cable

7 Port USB 3.0 Hub

What Does the Qicent 7 Port USB Hub do?

As you may have guessed this 7 port USB hub has two main functions and those functions are to transfer data at a high rate of speed and to charge devices.

The device connects to your computer using a USB 3.0 Type B cable which allows for data to travel quickly from something like an external hard drive to your computer.  

How Fast Does it Transfer Data?

When I began this review I wasn’t sure what was so great about having a device with a USB 3.0 cable or connection. What I learned was having a USB 3.0 connection is one of the fastest connections available currently to transfer data.  This type of connection has the capability of transferring data at the rate of nearly 5 GB per second.

Compare that to a USB 2.0 connection that transfers data at a maximum speed of 480 MB per second. This USB connection is much faster than its predecessor.

How Fast Does the 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub Charge?

This is not a high-speed charging device and will only charge your devices at an average speed.  

I usually compare charging speeds on my Samsung Note 5 using the high-speed charging box against every other charger.  When charging my phone with the USB hub, the hub would have added an approximate extra 40 minutes to completely charge my phone.

This would be ideal for charging spy camera devices, tablets, phones and anything else that requires a USB to charge similarly to this charging station dock I reviewed recently.

Is the Qicent 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub Good For Private Investigators?

The 7 Port USB Hub is a hub that can be taken with you wherever you go and because it is compact and light and only slightly larger than then my cell phone which you can see in my video review.  

This USB hub is really good for transferring data (video files, audio files, text files, etc..) between multiple devices like external hard drives and a computer.

It is not just good for private investigators but anyone needing something with multiple USB ports.

Final Thoughts on the 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub

Since I am always transferring files to and from my hard drives to store documents, case video, and videos that I make of the P.I. Advice website, I will certainly be getting some use out of this device.

I also liked that this USB hub has two soft rubbery parts on the bottom to prevent scratching the surface it is on and to keep it from slipping off any surface (pictured above).

I think the device is also good to use with computers with a limited amount of USB ports. Some computers come with up as many as 4 USB ports while some come with less (my Chromebook has 2).   I have found that sometimes using USB ports repeatedly (plugging and unplugging) wears out USB ports.  Having a dedicated device to plug and unplug devices should you need to would help prevent damaging the USB ports on your computer.

This device is compatible with both PC and Apple computers according to its sales page.  I have only tested it with a Chromebook and PC.  

As I write this it is being sold for $27.99 which is pretty affordable.

If you want to learn more about the different types of USB ports I wanted to include a link to this video from another Youtuber who articulates this information much better than me.