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Evaluating a Surveillance Investigator- What Should Be Considered #164

Anyone in any occupation is evaluated and measured to some degree including the investigation industry.  Being evaluated by someone else can be a touchy subject when it comes to this industry.  The insurance investigation industry is always evaluating their investigators and rightly so.  I have been evaluated since I entered …

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Hidden Spy Camera Charger Adapter Review #163

Hidden Spy Camera Charger Adpater

GUMGOOD reached out and asked that I review their Hidden Spy Camera Charger Adapter and I was happy to do so.  I didn’t know exactly what to expect with the charger adapter spy camera as sometimes great ideas (like a spy camera in a charger adapter) are not executed well. …

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An Uncomfortable Surveillance Story Involving Yoga #162

Private Investigator Surveillance Story

In an effort to share surveillance stories that might provide you an idea of what a surveillance investigator might do to secure critical video, I thought to share key moments of different surveillances.  These type of stories may be interesting but some made me very uncomfortable.  And that is what …

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What is a Claims Investigator? What Does a Claims Investigator Do? #161

Claims Investigator Investigating Car Fire

What is a claim investigator? An Insurance claims investigator has a variety of duties and tasks as it pertains to insurance claims.  There are claims investigators that work for insurance companies or third party administrators as employees while other times the insurance companies contract the work out to investigative companies.’ …

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How I Became a Private Investigator #160

Not everyone becomes a private investigator the same way. There are many different and unique paths that people take on their road into the investigation industry.  Many police officers find themselves becoming private investigators after they retire or leave law enforcement.  Some people come from a Loss Prevention background when …

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What is a Good Video Percentage for a Surveillance Investigator? #158

What is a good video percentage to have when conducting surveillance?  This refers to the percent of the time a private investigator obtains video of their subject.  This was a question emailed to me recently and an excellent topic to discuss for surveillance investigators and in particular insurance investigators.  A …

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