NTONPOWER Charging Station Dock Review #155

Oh boy was I excited to do the NTONPOWER Charging Station Dock review!  This is a mixture of happiness for my family and for my business needs as I have more devices than I know what to do with some times.  My family is always borrowing a charger from one place and moving it to another for their device and then I am left wondering where all my chargers have gone.

I have thought in the past that it would be nice to charge most of my devices (Amazon Fire Tablets, iPods, Samsung phones, spy cameras, etc..) in one location.

In This Review I Will Cover:

  • Specifications
  • What it Can Be Used For
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • My experience and thoughts about the NTONPOWER Charging Station Dock

What is in the Box

  • 1 x NUK-10P-US Charging Station
  • 1 x Service Card
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Power Cable


Material Aluminum Alloy + ABS
Heat DissipationCooling Fan,Ventilation Holes
Total Output5V 2.4A*10 120W
Each Port Output5V 2.4A max
ChargingSmart IC+Synchronous Rectification+Current Limit+Wide Voltage
Features 10 Stands for Phones/Tablets

What I would use it for and what I imagine other private investigators, businesses or families using it for.

This is great for a private investigator that wants to keep their devices charged until they need it or a business that uses devices that employees might use.

A perfect example would be a classroom that uses tablets intermittently. The tablets could sit on the station dock until needed.

As a parent, I envision using this for not only my devices but for my children’s devices.  At bed time the devices can be put on the station and charged to avoid the temptation for my kids to be on their devices all night.

If you pick one up let me know in the comments how you plan to use this device.

What I l Like About The NTONPOWER Charging Station Dock

10 Device Slots and 10 USB Ports

It has 10 device slots and 10 USB ports for any business or family need when it comes to charging devices.  My family alone has enough devices to fill every USB port on this charging station.

I personally need a central location where my devices can be and stay charged.  

Ten port Charging doc by NTONPOWER

The look of it

I feel as though the look of is quite nice.  It would not be an eyesore in a classroom, business or in a home.  The white color is neutral which is good.

Feels Sturdy

The NTONPOWER charging station dock has some weight to it.  It isn’t heavy but it is sturdy.  The small legs on the device have rubber on the bottoms of them which keep the device from sliding around.

Cons or Concerns

Snug Device Slots When Using a Cover

This device slots are ideal for devices without covers however the were able to fit all my devices in them with covers, but it was a little snug.  Not a deal breaker in my opinion.  I would watch the review video to see what I am talking about.

many devices on the charging dock
Holds and charges many different devices

Average Charging Speed

This device is not a quick charger.  It is meant to be a station for devices to be charging on when not in use.  I did some tests in the video to show how fast of a charge the dock would provide and used my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 during the test.

NTONPOWER Charging Speed

Final Thoughts on the NTONPOWER Charging Station Dock

I really like the idea of charging docks with many USB ports because it keeps devices centralized when being charged and there is a place for a device when it is not being used.  

I have devices that I don’t use as frequently as other and it would be nice to know exactly where it is and know that it is charged when I want to use it.  I think many people buy charging stations for the same reason.

Overall I was very pleased with my testing and experiences with the NTONPOWER Charging Station Dock.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this review