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Advertising With Private Investigator Advice

The Private Investigator Advice platform continues to be one of the fastest growing resources for new and existing private investigator.  And what better way to reach an audience than to advertise through a website that is serving individuals every day in a way that truly helps investigators and those seeking information related to the investigation industry.

With any advertising on the Private Investigator Advice platform, it is important that your company or product is a good fit for the P.I. Advice audience.  Not all advertisers will be accepted on P.I. Advice platform.  We want to be a good fit for you as well and want you to get the most out of your advertising with us.

Also, it is important that as an advertiser with P.I. Advice you are not competing with other similar products or services on the site at the same time.  So for example, if you are advertising a cell phone spy camera on the site, we would not allow another cell phone spy camera to be advertised on the site at the same time. But we would reserve the right to have other spy camera advertisers with different products advertise.

A stricter example with be if a case management company advertised on the P.I. Advice site, the case management company would be the sole advertiser on the site.

Advertising prices are set based on visitor traffic to the website

Website Advertising

(Advertising prices are set based on visitor traffic to the website and are subject to change)

Advertising placement price differs depending on location.  This is due to the different amount of visibility different ad placement will have.

An advertisement at the very top of the site will be one of the first ads that are visible to visitors so it will be priced differently than an advertisement in the lower section of the sidebar.

It is my goal to provide a fair price for the value received from any advertisement placement.

Advertising prices

Top Banner   

$100 per month

$275 x3 month

$575 x6 months

$1,000 for 1 year

Banner Below Menu

$100 per month

$275 x3 month

$500 x6 months

$1,000 for 1 year


Top Side Bar Location -(336×280)

$75 per month

$180 x3 months

$350 x6 months


Sidebar (below top position 3-month minimum)

$150 for 3 months


Podcast Ad (audio and video)

Podcast ads will be both in the audio version of the podcast and the video version as well when possible. Some podcasts are not created with a video.


$25 – 15-second ad at beginning of podcast episode

$27 – 30-second ad in middle podcast episode

$20 – 15-second ad at end of podcast episode


Product Reviews

I frequently review products on the website and on the P.I. Advice Youtube Channel.  I try to review products that are a good fit for my audience.  

If you would like me to make an honest review of your product feel free to email me at PIADVICEHQ@GMAIL.COM and I will let you know whether I am able to review the product and the estimated time until the review is completed.