QICENT 7 Port USB HUB and Charger Review #185

QICENT sells a variety of USB hubs and I have reviewed one of their 7 Port USB hubs in the past and continue to use it every day since I first reviewed it.  QICENT asked me to review their newest version which is the QICENT 7 port USB hub and charger and I was happy to do so since the other model has held up well.  

In this review I will cover the following topics:

  • What’s in the Box?
  • What Does the Qicent 7 Port USB Hub do?
  • How Fast Does it Transfer Data?
  • How Fast Does it Charge?
  • Is the Qicent 7 Port USB Hub Good For Private Investigators?
  • Final Thoughts

Let’s jump into the review.

What is in the QICENT 3.0 USB Hub Box?


  • Service Card
  • User Manual
  • Power Adapter (4ft power cable)
  • 3.3Ft. USB3.0 Cable
  • QICENT 7 Ports USB 3.0 HUB


qicent 7 port usb hub

What Does the QICENT 3.0 USB Hub do?

Transfer Data Between Devices

Just like the other device I have reviewed in this past, this 7 port USB hub has two main functions and those functions are to transfer data at a high rate of speed between devices and your computer and to charge devices.

I use USB hubs to transfer data (Video and documents) from spy cameras and external hard drives to my computer and vice-versa.  Once I have compiled my video footage and prepared any documentation for a client I then save all my documentation back on my external hard drive.  

If multiple storage devices are connected to the hub you can move files from one storage device to another (Like one external hard drive to another).

Charges Devices

If you need to charge your phone, spy camera or any other device that uses a USB cable, this device can act as a charger.  

It acts like a USB port on your computer as well and can power and connect web cameras, a keyboard, a wired mouse and a wireless mouse (as long as the USB is connected from the device to your computer and is powered).

How Fast Does the Qicent 7 Port USB HubTransfer Data?

There are a lot of factors involved in data transfer speed so this can vary from computer to computer.  I was able to transfer 30 gigabytes of data that was mostly video from my computer to my Toshiba 2GB external hard drive in approximately 8 minutes.  

How Fast Does it Charge Devices?

I always use my phone as a way of measuring how quickly something charges on a device. My phone tells me how long it will take to fully charge when plugged into any given charging device.  I compare any new charging device against my quick charger that comes with my Samsung Note 5.

Using Quick Charge Wall Outlet Plug

When I plugged in my normal wall charger that came with my phone, my phone had a 36% charge and indicated it would take 1 hour and 16 minutes to fully charge from that point when plugged in.

Qicent USB Hub 7 ports
1 hour 16 minutes

Using the QICENT 3.0 USB Hub 

When plugged into one of the QICENT 3.0 USB ports using the same USB cable, my phone indicated it would take 1 hour and 57 minutes to fully charge.  So it would roughly take 41 minutes longer than my wall outlet quick charger.

Qicent usb hub with 7ports
1 hour 57 minutes

Is the Qicent 7 Port USB Hub Good For Private Investigators?

This device will only be useful to individuals or private investigators that need to connect to multiple devices and to charge devices.

For me, it comes in handy every day.  I can connect to several of my external hard drives, spy cameras and have access to all of them from my computer and charge devices all at once from the small Qicent 7 Port USB Hub.  

It is a good product for private investigators and anyone else that has a need for this type of device.

Final Thoughts on the Qicent 7 Port USB Hub

This USB hub is much smaller than any other hub I have reviewed in the past for data transferring or charging.  I like that it is small because it doesn’t take up a lot of space on my desk.  The small size makes it easy for transporting if you need this away from the office.

It needs to be plugged into an outlet to work which is normal to transfer data at high speeds.  

I personally feel that it transferred data in a reasonable amount of time considering the amount of data I was trying to transfer while testing the device.

This device has a metal exterior which adds some ruggedness to this device.  I feel as though it is not going to break if it accidentally falls on the ground.

With that being said, there are no rubber tabs on the bottom to help keep it from sliding off my desk or to prevent the metal from making contact with sensitive surfaces.

Overall I think it is a good device and worth taking a look at if you need one.  Below is my affiliate link to the device on Amazon.  I will receive a commission at no cost to you should you purchase this item through the link. 



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