Is Beer Good For Private Investigators? That and Other News- P.I. Advice Podcast #32

Snap Chat is Breached Over the Holidays

Hacking is always a concern.  A business being hacked during the holiday season is nightmare as more consumers are typically affected.  Target made the news recently when their customer credit cards were breached between November 27, 2013 and December 15th 2013. 

Snap Chat was breached as well but the fall out won’t be anything like Target.  Snap Chat shared in a blog post that a hacker security group shared how someone could make a database of the company’s phone number (user phone numbers).  Shortly thereafter the same group shared Snap Chat’s users information on a website however it has since been removed. 

Original Claims Journal article

Washington Fight Over $250,000 in Insurance Fraud in 2013

Washington state fights over $250,000 dollar is insurance fraud.  It appears they only count cases that went to court where individuals were ordered to pay restitution.  If this is all they are saving the insurance industry I would have to assume they are not even covering the cost it takes to fight fraud in the state.  Very disappointing result in my opinion.

The original article can be found HERE.

No Pay No Play – Selenski Investigator Won’t Work Until he is Paid

The Selenski defense investigator refused to work until he was paid the $10,466.74 he was owed to work on behalf of Selenski.  He was eventually paid but the topic is not uncommon in the private investigation world.

Article from the

Kusic and KusicBeer is Good for Private Investigators?

That is the claim being made from the growing blog on Kusic and Kusic’s website.  They  share an interesting and debatable article indicating that beer is good for you.  More specifically they say it might be very good for private investigators for a variety of reasons.  I discuss this topic in the podcast and have my doubts about their claims.  I’m interested in your thoughts.  Be sure to comment on this below.

Kusic and Kusic’s article.