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Vehicles Can Read Minds, The Nextdoor App and Preventing Fraud With a Telematic Box #191

Tech News

A new addition and focus of the Private Investigator Advice website will be associated with investigator technology.  Technology is advancing every day and it can affect investigators directly and sometimes indirectly.   So with that being said, I will be sharing technology that relates to investigators to help investigator and …

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Private Investigator Taylor Wright First Missing Then Found Dead

Private Investigator Murdered

Private Investigator Taylor Wright Reported Missing On September 18, 2017, the Pensacola News Journal reported that the Pensacola Police Department had confirmed that the private investigator and former police officer, Taylor Ashley Wright was missing.  She had been last seen on September 7, 2017.   Brian Muhlbach of Resource Investigative …

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Private Investigator Catches Employee Working and Company Settles

Basketball Coach Sue Company

Brian Bennett was on medical leave from Bath Iron Works (BIW) for his bipolar disorder and was found to be working as a paid basketball coach at Morse High School after BIW, a General Dynamics Company hired a private investigator to follow Mr. Bennett. BIW stated they were never made …

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Wicked Tuna Paul Hebert Pleads Guilty to Disability Fraud

For those of you who don’t have television or don’t follow the news closely you might have missed this story back in 2015. It was originally reported by several news sources that a reality show cast member, 50-year-old Paul Hebert of Gloucester, Massachusetts from “Wicked Tuna” was indicted for federal …

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Ohio Bill Streamlines Licensing for Private Investigators

There is a new bill before Ohio lawmakers.  This new bill would allow security guards and private investigators to receive a single identification card that they could take from job to job.  This would be a change from the current requirement that would make someone have a new application, background …

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#96: Private Investigator Files Lawsuit Against Hotel For Detainment

A retired police officer and now private investigator, Saul Roth has filed a lawsuit for undisclosed damages against The Benjamin Hotel.  The suit he filed alleges that Roth has suffered emotional trauma and post-traumatic stress as a result of the hotel’s heavy-handed guards who allegedly “aided and abetted immoral contracts …

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Nevada Gets Sued by a Private Investigator and the FBI Won’t do Backgrounds Checks for Pot Businesses- Private Investigator News #49

Private Investigator Believes Foul Play was Involved in the Mysterious Death of a Man in Texas The family of a Texas man has hired a private investigator to look into his mysterious death.  Alfred Wright who was 28 years of age was last seen on November 7, 2013.  He went …

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Texting Without Cell Phone Coverage and Is it the End of Google Voice? PIA #47

FireChat – An app that lets you text friends without a cell phone signal There aren’t many apps that truly impress me these days especially as it applies to the private investigator.  FireChat is one of those apps that you won’t always use but when need to use it you …

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Auto Traffic Light Recognition and its Surveillance Uses -Tech Tuesday #45

Auto Traffic Light Recognition Audi is adding something very useful to their vehicle that adds to safety, fuel savings and even time.  Audi is testing a new system that syncs up with a city’s central traffic computer which allows the vehicle to anticipate traffic signals. So if you are waiting …

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