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Should a New Investigation Business Use Fame and Awards to Secure Business? #124


So Paul reached out to me while he is overseas and asked the following question: “Hey man I am watching your podcast right now – good stuff – ok here is the low down. I have a class C PI license in Florida I let expire but I am going …

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Home Based Office Versus Physical Office Locations For Private Investigators #169

Private investigator Office

I received an email from a reader regarding having a home-based private investigation and his concerns around having one.  In this article, I will answer his questions and concerns and provide some alternative office locations for private investigators.  I will also get into some of the pros and cons of …

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Licensing and Training Requirements in Wyoming to Become a Private Investigator

You may be happy to know that Wyoming does not require that private investigators be licensed though the state.  One city in the state named Cheyenne, requires you to have a business license in their city should you conduct investigations within their city limits. Cheyenne is the most populated city …

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#92: How to Get More Customers For Your Private Investigation Business- Listener Question- PIA #65

A common question in any business is how to get more customers.  This question isn’t any different for a private investigation business and the answer I provide isn’t ground breaking.  The way you act and treat your customers speaks volumes about you and your company. Trust me when I say …

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#91: Should You Leave Law Enforcement For a P.I. Career? PIA# 064

I received an email from Steve who lives in Canada.  Steve has a dream of starting his home private investigation company.  Below is Steve’s email:   Hello Andrew, My name is Steeve and I live in XXXX, Canada. I am listening your podcast and it helped me to learn more about …

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#90: Private Investigator Vendors or Sub-Contractors- 5 things to Expect When Working as One

There are many investigators whose sole income comes as a result of working as a sub contractor for private investigation companies.  Other investigators work as a vendor or sub contractor as fill in work for their existing investigation business.  What I have found by talking with others in the investigation …

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#84: How to Choose a Business Name for Your Private Investigation Business – PIA #53

Choosing a name for their private investigation business (or any type of business) for most people can be a relatively easy process.  You have probably heard me talk about my experience with it on the podcast but in case you missed it I am going to share it again.  I …

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What I spent to start a Private Investigation Business – P.I. Advice Podcast #20

In this episode of the Private Investigator Advice Podcast I talk about my initial cost when starting my private investigation business.  Many future business owners don’t know what the potential cost may be so I wanted to shed some light on the subject. If you don’t know the equipment I …

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