Can a Photographed Key be Copied? Tech Tuesday – P.I. Podcast #40

A key that can be photographed can be copied

Can a photographed key be copied?  According to the Gizmodo article the answer is yes.  Of course it takes a bit of know how,  some depth and space charts.  The article discusses more of what needs to be done to make sure you can do it properly.  The writer closes by saying keys are like passwords, don’t show them off to the world.

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A gadget used to scan the Leaning Tower of Pisa is helping police fight crime

Imagine making 3D Models of a crime scene in minutes.  Most 3D imaging requires a tripod and a bit of time to create a 3D model of a crime scene.  New technology allows for even faster 3D scanning in unique locations.  The report shares how it scanned the entire Leaning Tower of Pisa in 20 minutes.

Apparently current 3D scanners can’t scan up stairs like the Zebedee handheld mapping scanner.  Queensland police (the ones who are using it) like it because of the small space capabilities and being able to scan bushland.

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Sprint tries to acquire T-Mobile after warding off their acquisition 2 years ago.               

About two years ago when At&T was trying to acquire T-Mobile, Sprint came to the rescue saying that the mobile carriers weren’t truly competitive without having a least 4 companies.  And since T-Mobile has been kicking butt and stealing users from At&t as well as Verizon.  Both carriers should be concerned.

Now Sprint who is owned by Japanese carrier Softbank, wants to acquire T-Mobile but it looks like the Justice Department and Federal Communications Commission isn’t going for it.

Sprint is apparently in last place when it comes to customer satisfaction rankings and last place in the LTE network speed and latency.

The writer believed that the FCC and DOJ would prefer someone else acquire T-Mobile to maintain 4 distinct carriers.

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