Ohio Bill Streamlines Licensing for Private Investigators

There is a new bill before Ohio lawmakers.  This new bill would allow security guards and private investigators to receive a single identification card that they could take from job to job.  This would be a change from the current requirement that would make someone have a new application, background check and fees be submitted each time someone changes jobs (one company to another).

This new bill would create standardized training and testing requirements for both private investigators and security guards.  It would also make licenses good for two years instead of one year.

The Senate Transportation, Commerce and Labor Committee intended to hear from supporters of the measure.

The reported bill sponsors are Sen. Cecil Thomas, a Cincinnati Democrat, and Sen. Frank LaRose, a Republican from Copley Township in northeastern Ohio.  The sponsors believe that security guards are often the first individuals on the scene of an incident and need to be trained properly.

Private Investigator Advice Comments

It sounds as if there were a lot of things in the way of the private investigator and security guard industry.  It also seemed like a bit of a cash cow for whoever was receiving the fees and performing the services for the current process.

Their licensing process definitely needs to be updated to make it more streamline for the private investigation and security guard industry.

Source – SF Chronicle