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Mass Surveillance of All Car Trips is Nearly Upon Ustheatlantic

This article discusses how the Department of Homeland Security is exploring the ability to obtain a national license plate recognition database.  This would allow law enforcement to identify subjects of ongoing criminal investigations.

Furthermore they say the government would not hold the data but rather a commercial company called ICE which stands for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement would do so.

The article believes this is the same excuse the NSA had for tapping millions of phones to catch a few bad guys.  If this tracking stuff begins in 2014 anyone looking for information on you can question your every destination. 

There is too much potential for abuse of this information.  There is already enough abuse of the information that is available to those in government at the moment already.

The article describes instances where tracking licenses plates has already been abused in the past citing that a police officer in Washington DC plead guilty to extortion when using ALRP data to blackmail drivers that frequented a gay bar.

My opinion:

There are already too many abuses taking place with information at the moment.  I don’t want to be tracked everywhere I go and it is no one’s business where I go. 

Just because you identify a criminal’s vehicle does not mean the criminal is driving the vehicle. 

Private Investigator Blog Highlight

The Anatomy of a Missing Person

Kusic and Kusic Private Investigators wrote a blog post entitled The Anatomy of a Missing Person.  The blog article discusses various numbers related to missing individuals. 

One thing that seems apparent is while the number of missing individuals is being reported more often, it might have more to do with our ability to track these things better, as well people knowing the importance of reporting a missing person to the authorities quickly. 

I don’t think anyone wants to try and justify waiting for an extended period of time before reporting a missing person.

Thumbs downColorado Private Investigator Licensing Senate Bill 14-133- Why I Thing it is Bad for New Private Investigators

In this blog I discuss a new bill being put forward to make private investigator licensing mandatory in the state of Colorado.  Generally speaking I believe mandatory licensing is a great thing and hope they can eventually make it mandatory.

What I took issue with was the bill also includes making two different levels of licensing which is dependent upon an investigator’s experience.  The problem is that this gives any company with experience they gained in an unlicensed state an advantage in the state over any new private investigation company just getting started.  I believe it is difficult enough to get started in this industry without a law requiring a company to have a lesser license.

Homeland Security News Wire

A First: Constitutionaltiy of NSA warrantless Surveillance challenged by terrorism suspect

Jamshid Muhtorov,  a refugee from Uzbekistan is facing terrorism charges in Colorado.  He is also challenging the constitutionality of the NSA’s warrant-less surveillance program. 

This will be an interesting case to follow on whether his defense works.  If it does work then what will be the point of all the surveillance without warrants?

GPS Helped Unravel Plant City Police Chief’s Affair

Photo from
Photo from

By Will Hobson and Shelley Rossetter

A man named Jason Hardwick got a tip that his wife might be having an affair with Police Chief Steven Singletary.  Mr. Hardwick placed a GPS on his wife’s vehicle in response to see what would develop. Then on a day when his wife said she was leaving to visit a friend, her husband followed her.  Except she didn’t go to see her friend, she went to a hotel and met with the Police Chief.

After a couple hours at the hotel the cheating couple went to a restaurant.  That is where the husband took a picture of them both, “You two are a joke, have a nice life”, Mr. Hardwick said.  Mr. Hardwick then sent the picture to the Police Chief’s wife.

There is more to the story but the best part of the story was when the cheating couple returned to the hotel after the confrontation, because apparently the police chief wasn’t worried about his wife finding out or how it would affect his kids.  All he was concerned about was what it would do to his job.

The police chief lied under oath regarding his affair with the woman, used city money to purchase hotel rooms for the affairs and did some other shady things as well.

My Thoughts?

Infidelity is rampant in the police world and in the military world. And it doesn’t matter if you are supposed to be an upstanding citizen because of your employment; you can still be a dirt bag.  This guy did the investigation on his own but could just have easily hired a private investigator to do the work. Piece of mind can be worth quite a bit of money to people.

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