Private Investigator Tips

Does a Private Investigator Need a Vehicle? Maybe and Maybe Not. #157

Does a private investigator need a vehicle? This is a question I saw being searched for and I quickly thought to myself, “Of course a private investigator would need a vehicle.”  But after some deeper thought about it, I believed there may be some ways around having a vehicle if …

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What Can a Private Investigator Not Do? Here is the Extensive List! #153

What Private Investigators Can Not Do

What Can a Private Investigator Not Do? What can a private investigator not do? This question is not only important for the general public but for existing private investigators.  Laws are always changing and it can be difficult to keep up with what is ok to do and what is …

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Do Private Investigators Have to Identify Themselves? #152

Identifying yourself as a private investigator

Do private investigators have to identify themselves if asked?  I saw this question asked and it reminded me of numerous movies where someone would ask an undercover police officer something like, “Are you a cop? You know you have to tell me if you’re a cop, right?” Undercover police officers …

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Ways to Prevent a Burglary to Your Home or Business – Advice From an Insurance Investigator #148

breaking in an office

Over the past several years I have worked numerous insurance files associated with home burglaries and I wanted to share different ways to prevent a burglary to your home or business in the article. A theft to someone’s home is a traumatic experience for those affected by it.  Some thefts …

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Can a Private Investigator Follow You to Your Children’s School? #143

School House

The title of this article was changed to more clearly reflect a question I found that was search for. The question searched for was “Can private investigators stalk you at your kids school?  Typically people who don’t know anything about private investigators use the word stalking when it comes to …

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How Much Does a Private Investigator Deal With People if Only Doing Surveillance? #138

Pretexting Neighbors

I received an email from a reader and among the many questions that the reader asked me one question caught my attention. The reader stated: …I have looked into being a Private Investigator before, but the idea of having to interview strangers all day turned me off. Aside from that, …

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17 Tips To Hire The Right Private Investigator #131

Claims investigator interviewing a claimant

It is difficult for someone who feels as though they might need the services of a private investigator to choose the right one without feeling as though they have made the wrong choice.  Either the investigator is too expensive, or maybe the investigator doesn’t really know what they are doing. …

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