iPhone Apps for private investigators

The Most Used Apps I Use as a Private Investigator and for Regular Life #136

Private Investigator apps

There are plenty of fun and interesting apps that are practical for private investigators which I will list in a future article but for this article I wanted to share the apps that I use on a daily basis.  These apps are the ones that I use every day in …

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#88: Reverse Search Cell Phone Numbers, Portable Batteries and More – Technology for Private Investigators

Despite my extended absence from the blog and podcast fear not, I am here to share knowledge I have gained over the past few months that I feel will add value to private investigators in the United States and in some cases around the world. Portable Batteries My first encounter with small compact …

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#85: 3 Free Translation Apps Private Investigators Can Use in the Field -Tech Tuesday- P.I. Podcast #52

There is basically a smart phone application for anything these days.  If you haven’t found the app you are looking for, give it some time because someone will eventually make it.  It was brought to my attention recently that there were translation apps available on smart phones. I took a …

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#60: Disposable Phone Number Needed? Try the Hushed App.

I first heard of the Hushed app way back in January through Tech Crunch so I wrote a brief article describing the app.  The Hushed app was to allow users to have a temporary phone number.  It immediately reminded me of the original Ring Shuffle app and the Burner app. …

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#53: Hushed Smart Phone App. Is this the next app that Private Investigators will use?

In 2012 I wrote about the Burner App on the iPhone that a regular guy used to catch a thief who had stole his expense bicycle and was trying to sell it on Craig’s List.  To read this article and see the video click here. The Burner App is very …

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