#60: Disposable Phone Number Needed? Try the Hushed App.

I first heard of the Hushed app way back in January through Tech Crunch so I wrote a brief article describing the app.  The Hushed app was to allow users to have a temporary phone number.  It immediately reminded me of the original Ring Shuffle app and the Burner app. The Hushed app was to have a different twist to what the other temporary phone number apps provided.  The Hushed app was going to provide international phone numbers which was pretty amazing.

Since I was very familiar with the Hushed apps competitor Burner, I thought to best review the Hushed app by comparing it to Burner.

The Hushed app has the most diverse options for pricing and phone numbers in North America (United States and Canada).  Most countries (other than North America) that I checked had several numbers to choose from but were mostly on a pay as you go plan.  The pay as you go plans are apparently charged by the minute.

Basic Plans for the United States (7 day plans) $1.99

Hushed provides a 7 day plan that gives you 30 minutes of talk time or 50 text messages.  They also provide the capability of adding minutes to SMS at any time.  I assume that the text messages can take away from the talk time minutes if used together.  The cost of this plan is $1.99.

The comparable Burner plan is $1.99 or 3 credits.

Their plan allows for 20 minutes of talk time or 60 text messages. You can purchase new numbers or extend existing ones.

HUSHED 14 DAY PLAN ($3.99)

For Hushed, the next level of calling plans is the 14 day phone number.  For this plan you get 40 minutes of talk time or 90 text messages. The line is extendable at any time.

Standard Burner Plan 5 Credits (which equals to about $4.00 in credits because you have to by either 8 credits for $5.00 or 2 x 3 credits at $1.99)

The burner app prices are probably a bit better for the United States as you seem to get a bit more for your money.

The Burner’s next level starts at 5 credits for a 30 day number. You get 50 minutes of talk time or 150 text messages.  For about the same price Burner provides a number for a longer period with 10 more minutes of talk time or 60 more messages.

HUSHED 30 DAY PLAN ($5.99)

For this plan Hushed provides a 30 day number with 50 minutes of talk time or 150 text messages.


Burner provides a bit more for the money at this plan.  With a 30 day number, 90 minutes of talk time or 270 text messages.  Burner gives a bit more for the money.

HUSHED 90 DAY PLAN ($9.99)

For this Hushed plan you receive 100 minutes of talk time or 250 text messages. This essentially triples the phone number duration and doubles the talk time minutes.  Only 100 additional messages more than the lower provided plan.

BURNER’S LONG BURNER (8 Credits or $4.99)

Burner provides a variation of the Large Burner plan by giving you a 60 day number, 75 minutes of talk time or 225 text messages.  Again a very good plan for the price though you sacrifice more days for less minutes or texting.


Hushed does something a bit different by having a few more plans than the Burner app. Sometimes you need just a few more options for an app like this.


This Hushed calling plan comes with a phone number that is good for 12 months, includes 500 minutes of talk time or 1000 text messages.  Just like the other plans you can add to the minutes or texts at any time.

$5.00 “Pay As You Go” number for Worldwide Calling

The pay as you go number is a 30 day phone number that comes with $5.00 in calling credits for calls all around the world.  It is billed by the minute with no limits.  I am not quite sure as to what the charge is per minute.  You can add more time or texts anytime.

My Thought on These Disposable Number Apps

The Hushed app certainly brings quite a few new things to the table when it comes to disposable apps however the Burner app seems to bring more bangs for the buck when it comes to the United States $5.00 plans.  Burner has been around for awhile and it is a bit more of a proven app in regards to its reliability.

Hushed of course takes the prize when it comes to international calling as I don’t believe Burner offers that with their application.  I did notice several complaints from those who used the application and were not happy with it.  I think that with any new application there are always going to be glitches that need to be worked out.  I am sure that the creators of the Hushed app will work tirelessly to make their application work as it is designed to do so.

I tested the Hushed app and purchased a number in my area.  I made a call without a hitch and the sound quality was very good.  With that being said I would read all reviews on this app before making your decision.  I liked that the app tells you exactly how many minutes or text messages you have left on your disposable phone number.  You may find that one disposable app meets your needs better than another.  I will be keeping this app on my phone just in case I need to use it.

Enjoy the app.



  1. Thanks for the thorough rundown on these 2 apps!

  2. Thanks for your insightful reviews on various PI products.
    Your service to the profession is invaluable.

  3. How do these app get access to disposable phone number? Just curious

    • I am pretty sure they just buy them. I am only guessing. Google Voice owns phone numbers as well and I am sure they do the same thing but on more of a permanent level.

    • Thank you for everything you do to educate us. I enjoy each and every advice article.

  4. Hushed works great! And you can get $1 additional free credit by entering the promo code: 012QHZ7ZT
    Its the best app I have found of its kind and I have used and paid for several.

  5. Hushed is UTTER GARBAGE!

    I tried the free number. The calls didn’t come through and the SMS – ah yes – ‘PAY UP if you want to receive SMS with phone numbers or verification codes’ it said.

    People, don’t use some crappy startup company app that doesn’t work or have decent support. Checkout localphone.com

    With android and IOS apps, cheap international calling with the convenience of local numbers for all your international contacts, wifi calls, and disposable incoming numbers worldwide that go direct to your phone, not through some flaky app. And a real telephone number you can call for support. Lots more features than hushed or burner, cheaper, and much better quality/easier to use.

    • If I didn’t know any better I would think that you were an employee of localphone.com :).

      I can’t vouch for theses apps outside of the United States and it has been awhile since I have had to use any of them. Definitely check them all out and see what works better for you. BearUK thanks for offering another option.