What to do about Hostile Neighbors and other Questions Answered – P.I. Podcast #37

In this episode I answer questions that have been asked of me over the past few weeks.  I was also very happy to have someone leave a voice mail when asking their question.  The voice mail tab can be found on the right side of the private investigator advice web page.

What do you do when a violent neighbor approaches your vehicle because you are parked in front of their residence?

The number one concern any investigator should have is for their own safety.  If you feel as though something very bad is about to take place then drive away from the area if possible.  If it is not possible then call the police.  I have found that it is safer to stay in your vehicle then to get out and confront anyone.

If the neighbor is just overly concerned about your presence in the neighborhood you can tell the neighbor you are a process server waiting to serve papers.  I like to tell neighbors that I may be back in the area the following day (or whatever my next surveillance date is) if I don’t serve the papers (which I never do)

I discuss this topic a little more in the podcast.

Bradley asked the following questions:

Should you call private investigation companies or email them when inquiring about available positions or internships?

Yes, I would recommend calling and emailing companies to inquire about positions or internships.

Should you ask to do a ride along with a private investigator?

You can always ask but usually a ride-along is conducted when in the actual hiring process.  This has been my experience.  It doesn’t hurt to ask to conduct one with a private investigator but don’t be surprised if you are turned down.  And don’t take any rejections personally.

Should you pay a private investigator to get your foot in the door?

No, this is something I would avoid.  If a private investigator is trying to get money from you to get experience then this might be a shady investigator.  This is would be my opinion and impression.  I discuss this further in the podcast.

How should you dress for interviews? 

A suit and tie is great, though I think you would be fine with a button up shirt, tie and slacks.  In one of the last in person interviews I had with a local investigation firm I wore a polo and khaki pants.  I ended up getting the job.  Again, I discuss this further in the podcast.

How much do you share about your experience in your resume?

The short answer is to be detailed with experience that applies to the job and summarize all your other experience. This is something I would like to write about in detail in the future.

Larry asked about quality covert surveillance cameras.  In the podcast I discuss my thoughts on the spy camera industry.

Another listener asked if SUV’s were the only vehicles to use on surveillance.  The reason he asked this is he was seeing quite a few private investigators on Youtube that only used SUV’s.

My first surveillance vehicle was a Honda Civic and it was one of the best surveillance vehicles I have ever used.  Again, I talk quite a bit more about this in the podcast.

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