Terms and Conditions


Private Investigator Advice reserves the right to change the terms, conditions, and notices under which this website is offered at any time.


Digital Downloads/Template Downloads

All digital download sales are final regardless of whether you use the downloaded documents or not.  

Private Investigator Advice has done as much possible to provide as much information about the templates and documents being sold as possible.

Once you have purchased and downloaded the digital product the product is considered consumed by you.

Templates and Documents

The templates and documents I have designed are from my personal experience as a private investigator with over 14 years of practical experience.

These templates were designed for practical use and can be used as is or can be modified to fit your needs.  These templates are samples and guides and are not intended/created for every scenario that exists but rather a starting point.

These documents are all created in Microsoft Word and can either be built upon, added onto or altered to fit your business needs.  These templates can also be a starting point to create templates of your own.  

Private Investigator Advice is not responsible for documents and templates that do not match the colors and brand of your business.  

Private Investigator Advice is not responsible for modifying documents that fit your needs.

As previously stated all templates are considered examples and we will do what we can to answer any questions regarding documents that are purchased.

Documents sold by Private Investigator Advice may not be resold.   

Private Investigator Advice makes no warranties or guarantees of any kind, expressed or implied related to any of the documents or templates sold.

Videos Downloads Policy

Videos that are purchased or that accompany documents and templates may not be resold in any capacity without the express written permission by Andrew Kidd and Private Investigator Advice.