Surveillance Equipment- Private Investigator Advice Podcast #46

I wrote about surveillance equipment a year or two ago and the list I provided would allow for any private investigator the opportunity to be successful in the field.   I thought I had done a podcast about it but after checking I apparently hadn’t.  In this podcast I basically elaborate on the importance of the surveillance equipment and talk about each item on the list.  In addition to the main content I share a couple of reviews left on iTunes and a recent thing I did on the Huffington Post.

Thanks to all the listeners who continue to listen, share ideas and ask questions.  I appreciate it very much.  Here is the link to the original article.


  1. The important thing with any surveillance equipment is recognising quality. Then explaining to a client why they are better sing an expert, with the right tools for the job, rather than attempting it themselves with some cheap rubbish bought from a gadgets site. A useful blog this one and I will be reading your reviews of equipment, and hoping some of it is available in the UK!

  2. Just saw your “20 things you should have” and was glad to know I had them ALL wow! okay except for the spy pen… anyway been doing this for four years now, and I’m glad I’m not as green as I thought!


    El Paso TX

    • 4 years is a pretty good amount of time. Not too many surveillance investigator are green after 4 years. Take care Ralph.

  3. I was wondering if an individual would have to be licensed as in a Private Investigator in order to be able to obtain information from a coroner? Or would it be classified as public information? In summation, what laws, regulations would be required in order to be licenced with a view to getting information regarding cold case files. Thank you for any comments and/or suggestions you would care to assist me with.

    • Good question William. Private investigators don’t have any special powers or authority (generally speaking). If you are looking in assisting with cold case files there may be an group or an association that works on things like that. I don’t know that law enforcement would give you access to their investigation but I really don’t know as this isn’t something I specialize in.

      I can imagine that unless you have a families permission to investigate something of that nature you probably don’t want to get involved with it.

      Maybe someone else can comment on this thread with more information.