#52: Sunpak Tripod 6000PG Review

I had heard of the Sunpak brand awhile ago but I already had a tripod and really didn’t want to spend that much more on a Sunpak tripod.  I typically purchase my tripods through Walmart for around 15 dollars however they never seem to last as long as I would like them to.

My last tripod started falling apart.  Screw and bolts magically started coming apart and I was just frustrated with the fact that I needed to buy another tripod.  I do abuse my tripods during surveillance but usually the small amount of abuse (the tripod sliding around while driving) should not be anywhere close to breaking the tripod.

So frustrated, I went down to the nearby Best Buy store and checked out the tripods.  I was glad to see they had a few of the Sunpak tripod models available.  The main reason I wanted to purchase the Sunpack tripod was because of the pistol grip head on the tripod.  This replaces the bar that typically pokes out of a tripod to maneuver the camera attached to the tripod horizontally.  Most of the other features on the Sunpak tripod are typical to other tripods on the market.  I wasn’t concerned about the amount of weight the tripod could hold because I knew I would either be using my Canon T3i camera or my Sony Handycam DCR-SX44 on the tripod.

Below are some of the specifications of this tripod:

  • There is a maximum height of 61”
  • There is a minimum height of 23.25”
  • The folded length is 24.5”
  • The load capacity is 6.6 pounds
  • The weight of the tripod is 3.3 pounds
  • The leg diameter is 0.85”
  • The leg material is Aluminum and D-shaped
  • The chassis is geared, has a folding crank and has a bubble level
  • The head is the pistol grip ball head
  • The leg locks are flip lever
  • The feet have rubber on the bottom with retractable spikes

What I like about the Sunpak Tripod

The pistol grip head is one of the most attractive features of this tripod.  The pistol grip feels good when holding it and feels as if it was made with some quality.  With a typical tripod there is a bar that must be screwed or a knob that must be adjusted to change the direction of the tripod.  It is inconvenient and impractical for private Investigators.

The quick release plate that attaches to your camera has a convenient lever to quickly remove your camera from the tripod.  The quick release plate is something that you will typically on all tripods these days.

What I don’t like about it

To be completely honest I don’t have any complaints about this tripod at the moment.  My main concern is that it doesn’t fall apart like my other tripods.  I think anyone will enjoy using this tripod as much as I do.

Here is the link to the tripod review.

Below is the Amazon link to  a Sunpak tripod.  This is not the exact model that I reviewed but very close to it.   I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


  1. I can not release my camera from the quick release platform. How can I release the video camera? I press in the side doo hicky, and pull on the camera and nothing happens? any suggestions. I have a Sunpak 6000PG.

    • You probably need to pull it back further. Make sure you press in the little safety button when you pull back on it.