Steering Wheel Desk Review-Perfect for Private Investigators #181

I stumbled across the steering wheel desk on Amazon the other day and just couldn’t help but buy it.  I didn’t know what to expect from a steering wheel desk at all.  I didn’t know if it was going to be a complete joke or whether it would be completely practical.

I just kept thinking what a great product this would be for the investigator that is always in their vehicle fumbling with a laptop on their lap or eating in their vehicle with no real eating space.  In this review you I will give you my honest opinion on this almost $12 steering wheel desk.  

When it arrived it was in a thin box. I opened it while videotaping (for the video review) and removed the steering wheel desk which was covered in plastic. There was no instructions or additional accessories in the box.  

My wife laughed at me as I told her I was going to test the desk in my surveillance vehicle.  I don’t think she understood how cool it was for someone who always works in their vehicle to have a desk or table to work on.  I took it to my vehicle and quickly attached it to my steering wheel.  “Perfect” I thought.  I left it in my vehicle to videotape my actual use of it the following day.    

The following day I parked and videotaped my experience with the steering wheel desk.  

How Does the Steering Wheel Desk Work?

The desk is basically designed to fit into the bottom area of a steering wheel naturally with no special attachments.  I purchased the large version of the steering wheel desk (which isn’t that big) but they also sell a slightly smaller version of the desk (affiliate link) as well.  

It attaches quickly and can be removed from the steering wheel very quickly should you need to.  

It is thick but lightweight and can easily be stored out of view under a seat if needed.

It is Two Sided

On one side it looks as though it is designed with the idea of someone eating on it.  There is an area where a drink will fit (like a cup holder) and an area where you can place your food.

The other side is what I would consider the work side.  There is a little pencil holder built into it and the desk area is a flat area where you could place your laptop on.  I placed my Acer Chromebook on it and it fit perfectly.  

Steering wheel desk perfect size
Not too big and not too small

My Thoughts on This For Anyone Especially Private Investigators

All I could think of when I saw the steering wheel desk is all the long days I have sat in my surveillance vehicle uncomfortably eating my breakfast, lunch and many dinners.  And I thought how cool it would have been to have something to put my food on.

More importantly, I thought of all the times I have worked on my computer in my vehicle with the computer on my lap for hours.  And then I thought how awesome it would have been to have a little portable desk/table to work on.  

Steering wheel desk for lunch
Love it

You can put your tablet or phone on the desk and watch a movie or videos.  You can rest your book or tablet on the table as you read.  I am sure you will have even more uses for it then I have shared.  And if you do, please share how you use it in the comment section below.

I guess to make a long story short I really like the steering wheel desk and I look forward to using it while working in the investigation field.  

Should you want to purchase this steering wheel desk, I have added an affiliate link below.  I will receive a commission should you choose to purchase the item after clicking on my link at no extra cost to you.

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