P.I. Advice Podcast #8: Transitioning from P.I. Employee to P.I. Agency owner

I find my way back onto the microphone to record my 8th podcast finally.  I had some great questions asked of me over the last few weeks which I was happy to answer in the podcast.  I believe that answering questions makes for a better podcast so it might be something I do more often than not.

In this podcast I talk about my transition from private investigator employee to agency owner. I think every private investigator has an interesting story on their transition. My story is not that interesting but I tell it anyways.  I also address a marketing question asked by a new private investigation agency owner.

I hope every want has a wonderful Christmas Holiday.  I hope to have another podcast posted after the holidays have passed.

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Take care and be safe. Enjoy the podcast!



  1. great podcast as always. quick question, what yahoo forums are you a part of? talk to you soon happy Holidays

    • Go to groups.yahoo.com. Then search “private investigator”. There will be several groups to choose from. I think I joined like 3 or 4.

  2. ok thanks will do