Michele Krisle of TSK Exteriors in Florida Arrested for Insurance Fraud #202

WFTV reported the owner of TSK Exteriors in Florida, Michele Krisle who also goes by Shelly, was arrested and has been accused of insurance fraud according to the State Division of Investigative and Forensic Services.

Customers would pay to have their roofs repaired but Krisle would try to get them to sign an “Assignment of Benefits Form” which would essentially take the homeowner out of the payment process and allow for the insurance company to make payments directly to Krisle’s company TSK Exteriors.

The problem is that Krisle would bill the insurance company for work that was never performed on the homeowner’s residence.

Krisle would also put liens on customers homes for work her company didn’t do.  In a specific case, there was a $54,000 lien on a home for work that would only cost approximately $14,000 to complete according to investigators. It is believed that this was done to strong-arm homeowners into letting Krisle bill insurance companies for even more money.

Investigators believe there is possibly 20 to 25 instances where Krisle may have done this to homeowners. Investigators say that these other possible instances are still under investigation.

Fraud Thoughts on This News Story

This fraud story is a pretty sneaky one.  By getting homeowners to sign an Assignment of Benefits Form homeowners would be unaware of excess charges to their insurance company unless insurance company questioned the homeowner.  I can only imagine that Krisle was betting that her excess billing would go unchecked and unquestioned.  

This business has only been around since 2012 which isn’t a great deal of time and they probably won’t be in business much longer if she is found guilty.  

This is just another news story to add to the collection to keep you (and myself) informed on the different types of insurance fraud taking place.  

Be sure to check out the source of this article as it has a video associated to the reporting of this story.

I think what is really funny is they have a 5-star rating from the Better Business Bureau.




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