Invoice Home Review #175

Several months ago Invoice Home, an online invoicing company reached out to me and asked me to take a look at their online invoicing website.

And for several reasons, including wanting to use a second invoicing website, I looked at what Invoice Home had to offer my business and what it could offer the private investigation community.  I signed up for the free membership plan to get a first-hand look at what Invoice Home was all about.

In this article, I share some of the highlights of the invoice online software and my honest thoughts on this product.

Key Features of Invoice Home

Invoice Home has many important invoicing features that most companies and private investigators will find helpful.

Invoice Home
Invoice Home Dashboard

Easy Invoicing

It really is easy to create an invoice through the Invoice Home system.  It did not take me long to create my first invoice that was branded with my business logo.

Add Logos to Invoices

Speaking of logos, every company wants their logo on an invoice and Invoice Home makes it very easy to do so.  I uploaded my logo to the system and it generates onto the invoice.  

Invoice Home
Example Invoice


Use Different Taxes in Single Invoice

This is something I haven’t tested but it is nice to know this is available if you need it.

Numerous Forms

The variety of forms include Invoice forms, Tax Invoice forms, Receipt forms, Sales Receipts, Credit Memos, Credit Notes, Purchase Orders, Quotes and Estimate forms.   I don’t have a need for of those forms but you might.  

They also have numerous templates to choose from.  I didn’t need anything fancy to invoice my clients but I like the fact that different templates are available for my private investigation business needs.

Printer Friendly Invoices

The invoices created are not just for viewing on a computer or sending via email, they can be downloaded and printed. I typically download the invoice and then send the invoice to the client via email.   For those who prefer to send invoices via mail can print off their invoices.

Online Payments

Invoice Home allows for your clients to make payments via Paypal or credit card.   This is nice to have because it allows for faster payments.  No one likes waiting to be paid unnecessarily.  

Downloadable Archives

With this feature, you can download all of your archived invoices to have a hard copy on your computer to keep or to give to your accountant.  

Unlimited Storage

Store an unlimited amount of invoices with Invoice Home. There is no penalty for being successful and invoicing as much as you need to.  

Different Payment Gateways

Invoice Home accepts payments through Paypal,, and Stripe.  On a personal note, I am aware of Paypal and Stripe being very mainstream payment gateways.  I use Paypal to accept payments for different things related to the P.I. Advice website.  

Invoice Home App

Invoice Home’s app allows you to create and send invoices via email from the app, keep track of your invoices and update your invoices as they are paid.  

Invoice home app

And More…

Pricing (How much does Invoice Home cost?)

Invoice Home charges $5.00 a month for unlimited invoicing and invoice storage which in my opinion is a pretty good deal.  They have no contracts, and you can cancel anytime.  And if you cancel you can download all your invoice information according to the company.  I believe $5.00 a month is a relatively low cost for a private investigation business.

My Thoughts on Invoice Home

There are many invoice solutions available online and I have found that creating invoices online is the best way to not only create invoices but to track invoices.  

I used their free invoice option (invoicing under $1,000 in a 30 day period) for a few invoices and found that invoicing with Invoice Home was quick and easy.  And to make sure it personalized for my company I added my logo to the invoice with the easy photo upload option (pictured above).

Invoice Home should definitely be considered when deciding on what online invoicing software to use with your company.  At the very least I would try their free option to see if they are a good fit for you.  Go to to check it out

If you use it, let me know how you like it in the comment section.


  1. I use the invoice templates provided on Word. It’s free and has the same if not more options to create invoices.

    • Yes, many options for invoices on word and I think Google even provides templates as well. I think the main difference is that it keeps track of everything digitally and allows for an invoice to be paid through the service. For me personally, it is a must because I am not as organized as I would like to be so having it all on a site is extremely helpful for me personally. And there are some free options to work with for companies that maybe are not invoicing as frequently. For a paid option I thought $5 a month wasn’t bad. Most paid options I stumble across are much more. Thanks for your comment John. Much appreciated.