Friends and Influences Prepare You For Future Opportunities as a Private Investigator #183

Influences Prepare You For Future Opportunities

I was listening to a podcast today that really made me think of new and existing private investigators and their future.  It made me reflect on my future as well.  


The present eventually becomes our past but ends up affecting our future. 

 I am sure you have heard some version of that statement and I believe this statement holds true.  

For Younger Aspiring Private Investigators

For those that are in high school or college, your future is just beginning and you should be building the foundation for your career.  And to build that future there are some things that you will need to make sure that happens.

For Existing Investigators

Existing private investigators need to do things now to prepare for future opportunities.  Becoming stagnant in different things within our careers will not help us move forward to better things.

Keep Good Friends/Influencers Around You

You have to have friends/people around you that are good influences.  A 2014 study shows that the people you keep around you influence your decisions.  They can influence you in good ways or bad ways.  

James “Jim” Rohn, said this famous quote:

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

I think this quote holds true today.  And when I associate that quote with my marriage it holds true.  When I associate this with my career it holds true for me.  The people around you influence your life.

Surrounding yourself with individuals that have good moral values and goals should have a positive influence on you with your decision making.

If you find yourself surrounded by negative influences and getting in trouble it may affect your chances of being a private investigator in the future.

I discussed this a little bit in my podcast discussing why Veterans make good private investigators.  The group of guys I found as friends in the Army kept me out of trouble.  While in the Army we supported each other and over the years (after the Army) in our careers and life decisions. We all influenced each other positively and I think that played out quite well over the years.  

People Influence You
Some of my Influences in the Army


Prepare for Where You Want to Be in The Future

If you want to be a private investigator in the future you have to be diligent in preparing for when that time arrives (when you get that job opportunity or when you start a business).  

To prepare would be making sure you consume educational content related to investigations, communication, and technology.  It means learning for other private investigators as they share their experiences, advice or tips with you.  It means asking questions to those with answers whenever you get a chance.  

So when that time comes for that job, promotions or starting a  business you are better prepared for that moment. This takes me to my next point.

When I first started my investigation career I was hungry for knowledge.  I knew that I wanted to be a supervisor and then manager for the company I worked for.  I read anything I could get my hands on.  

I took on additional responsibility without compensation.  When I became a supervisor I learned how to write people up, coach investigators, train investigators and motivate investigators to be better.  

I volunteered for additional training and even tried to write new Standard Operating Procedures for field investigators (they looked at it but never implemented it).  

I knew I wanted to be a manager.  I knew that was my destination with that company.  So I did what I needed to do to prepare myself for when that opportunity came my way not only to get the position but to be successful at it.

Eventually, that responsibility laid the platform and foundation of knowledge that allowed me to be ready for a manager position which I eventually was promoted to.

Don’t Work in a Private Investigation Bubble

Every 3 to 6 months I meet up with a specific private investigator relating to work.  Sometimes we just catch up on the phone.  Each time I get off the phone with him I walk away with some extra knowledge that I didn’t know about.  Sometimes it is a new gadget or spy camera.  Sometimes it is related to advertising.  Sometimes it is just learning from a mistake that this private investigator made.  

Now I am naturally an introvert.  I am very happy working alone.  But when I do talk to other private investigators I am very much about picking their brain as I am always trying to learn something new as a private investigator, business owner, and also because I like to share new things with you.  

Find some investigator colleges to discuss things with.  Join investigator forums or join a private investigator association to help with meeting other investigators.

Final Thoughts

Though I feel as though my thoughts are a little scattered on this, the basic take away is that we are influenced by those we put around us one way or another.  Keep good people around you that are encouraging you and not negative. You need people to be your cheerleader to root you on as you pursue different things in life.  You also need people that will provide you with honest feedback and elders that help you make good decisions for the future.

And if I can influence you today I would want you to be a seeker of knowledge and wisdom that will be an asset to you in the future.  Whether you find that here on his website or through other trusted influencers, keep pursuing knowledge to prepare you for new things in your future.

Until next time,



  1. I loved this post Andrew! And it’s so true. When I was younger I used to hang around with a group of trouble makers and what do you think happens? We got into trouble! I then joined the army (very young) and pulled myself away from those “friends” and gained some good guys around me. Now I naturally stay away from negative people (influencers). Also, I now try to be one of those influencers if someone is feeling down or being negative because you also can influence others in making better decisions – it goes both ways. Great words Andrew, keep it up 🙂

  2. Excellent post Andrew. I wish I had kept in contact with guys I had served with in Vietnam. You are fortunate you still have those contacts.

    • Hey John,
      I think technology (cell phones, facebook) has made it easier than ever to keep in contact. Thank you for your service John. And I do feel fortunate to still be in contact with them. 🙂 Andrew