Free Accident Sketch Website and Translate Anything on the Web – Tech Tuesday #50!!!

Google Translate

It was only after a brain fart did I realize I could use Google Translate to translate different online content that might help me during the course of an investigation.  You can translate any language to any language (English to Spanish, German to Spanish, etc..).  There is also an audio version that will play the translation.  Below is a link to a sentence I prepared in Google Translate.

CLICK HERE! – Free Accident Sketch Website

If you are looking for a very cool and professional way to sketch an accident then this program is what you will want to use.  The online software lets you create a great looking sketch of an accident with the use of street signs, Accident Sketch picture 2different types of vehicles, identifying streets by name, showing the different positions of the vehicles, showing skid marks, use different languages and a lot more.  I was very impressed with the detail involved with this website.   Again, this is one of those things that might separate you from another investigator or company.

Click here to go to  

This was the 50th episode and it was a bit anticlimactic however I was glad to hit the 50 mark.  There were times when I didn’t know if I was going to continue with the podcast but after receiving many emails over the years I knew investigators and soon to be investigators were enjoying and getting value from it.  Knowing this gave me even more motivation to make videos, write articles and of course produce the podcast.  If I didn’t have an audience I probably would have stopped making this podcast a long time ago.

Even though I produce the podcast it should be known that my wife is the editor of the blog and has checked nearly every blog that has ever been posted on the P.I. Advice website.  If you see a typo, it is usually because my wife didn’t review the article.  Also I am thankful that she lets me put as much time as I do into the P.I.Advice website as she does.  So a special thanks to her on this 50th episode.

Take Care P.I. Advice Community.