BESTEK 8 Outlet Power Strip With 6 USB Smart Ports Review #177

BESTEK reached out and asked that I review their BESTEK 8-outlet power strip with 6 USB Smart Ports.  I thought readers of this website would totally be interested in this product for their offices or homes.  The BESTEK brand has been around for awhile and I have even purchased the BESTEK 400W Power Inverter in the past when I thought I had lost my inverter.  I then found my inverter but never got a chance to review the BESTEK Inverter.  I will get to review it soon though.  

Below is my honest review of the BESTEK 8-outlet power strip with 6 USB Smart Ports.

In this review I will cover the following topics:

  • What is in the Box

  • Product Specifications

  • Safety Features

  • Interesting Features

  • My Thoughts on the BESTEK 8-Outlet Power Strip

BESTEK 8 Outlet Power Strip With 6 USB Smart Ports

What is in the Box

When you open the box you will find the following inside:

The Bestek 8-Outlet Power Strip With 6 USB Smart Ports

User Manual

The User Manual is in English and is easy to read and understand.  There are pictures of the device in the manual that point out different functions of the power strip box.

Thank You Card

The thank you card just gives you the contact information for Bestek (customer service email and website).

Product Specifications

  • Input Voltage : 100-125V
  • AC Rated power: 1875W(125V 15A)
  • Surge Protection: 1500J
  • USB Output: 40W 8A(Total), 5V/2.4A Max(each port)
  • Size/Weight: 4.8*4.8*5.7 in / 2.14 lb
  • Cord length: 6 Feet (14AWG)
  • Color: Steelblue

Safety Features

Safety features are important and included in this power strip are the following:

Safety Socket Doors

There is a safety flap behind the socket doors to make it difficult for little ones to stick things into the outlets.  

BESTEK 8 Outlet Power Strip With 6 USB Smart Ports
Safety Feature

Surge Protection

The BESTEK  8-outlet power strip with 6 USB Smart Ports has 1500 Joules of Surge Protection.

Designed with Fireproof Material

The product is designed with V0-grade PC and ABS material. Here is a link to additional information related to the type materials used.

Overcurrent Protection

Overcurrent protection is the protection of a short circuit.  

Overload Protection/Short Circuit Protection

Overload Protection is the protection against the running overcurrent that would cause overheating to equipment.

Interesting Features

Designed as a Hub

The BESTEK 8-outlet power strip with 6 USB Smart Ports has a square design and reminds me of a hub.  This  “Hub” would work well on a table, desktop or the floor.  I don’t believe other power strips can say the same thing.

Spaced Out Outlets

There are 8 outlets which isn’t unique but the space between them is something I thought was very appealing, especially for those times when you have large plugs.  Large plugs on a typical power strip usually overlap another outlet.  The BESTEK power strips outlets are spaced nicely so you don’t have to sacrifice two outlets for one plug.  

6 USB Ports

This device has 6 USB Ports that automatically recognizes the type of device that is plugged in and adjusts the charge for the device.  I plugged in my phone as soon as I unboxed it and I was happy with the charge speed.  


Bestek USB Ports
6 USB Ports for Charging Devices


2 Power Buttons

This has 2 power buttons.  One button for the top half and one for the bottom half.  You can turn off devices right from the hub should you choose to do so.

My Thoughts on the BESTEK 8-outlet power strip with 6 USB Smart Ports

I have a lot of electronics in my office related to my private investigation business and a power strip is just a mandatory thing for me.  I already have a power strip in my office but it is maxed out with everything I have plugged into it.  One of the reasons it is maxed out is because large plugs overlap other plugs.  I won’t have that problem with BESTEK device.

My current power strip.


Bestek Spaced Out plugs
Plugs are not crammed

Personally, for me, I like the idea of having a hub on a table and not on the floor.  I have already picked out a spot for this hub in my office.

It has rubber nubs on the bottom so it doesn’t scratch the surface it is placed on.

If you’re looking for a power strip that doesn’t have to be on the floor with USB ports, you should take a look at this device.  As I write this, the BESTEK 8-outlet power strip with 6 USB Smart Ports is selling for $39.99.

If you get one, be sure to let me know how you like it in the comment section.  There is an affiliate link to this product below and I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you should you purchase it by clicking through my link.