AUKEY CC-S5 4.8A Dual Port USB Car Charger Review #125

Most investigators work in their vehicles in some manner or another.  Maybe they conduct surveillance in their vehicles or maybe they drive to different locations frequently.  Even if you’re not an investigator you likely drive somewhere.

And if you’re like me you are looking for a charger for you vehicle that might handle charging a tablet, phone, portable speaker, portable headphones or even your video camera (depending on the connection).  And you just don’t want it to charge.  You want it to charge fast.

So there is only so much you can say about a USB charger but this one was worth sharing and writing about because I have been so impressed with it.  I originally purchased it for myself but my wife needed a quality charger in her vehicle so I gave it to her.  


So let’s get into this mini review of this Aukey USB Car Charger

Specifications According to User Manual

Model CC-S5
Technology AIPower
Input DC 12-24V 2.3A (Max)
Output DC 5V/4.8A (Max)
Total Power 24W
Size 25x25x40mm
Weight 13.1g

The manual says it charges fast because the device identifies the voltage setting of a device and automatically adjusts to charge it at the fastest speed that it can.

It says the device has over power and over charging circuit protection which will keep mobile devices safe.


What’s in the box


In the box you will find:

  • Charger
  • User manual.

So here is the basics of why I like this charger so much for everyday life and even when I need it to charge a video camera or phone.

#1.  I like the low profile of the charger.  Many of my existing chargers are bulky, get in the way and take up space.  This charger is almost flush to the cigarette lighter outlet.  They also say that some covers (cigarette lighter outlet covers) can cover it up when it they close.  This is true for some cigarette outlet covers but not all.



#2.  This little thing charges my Samsung Note 5 very fast compared to using the USB outlet in the car or the previous USB charger we were using.  My wife has the Samsung Galaxy 5 if I remember correctly and her phone charges just as fast.  So if you looking to have your phone charge quickly then this might be the USB charger you’re looking for.

#3.  The price is pretty good for what you are getting.  At $10.99 I think this is an appropriate price for this device.  Aukey makes other chargers that I hope to check out in the future that I believe may even charge faster than this one but I will have to test it to make sure.

#4.  Over the past 5 months or so it has been very reliable.  I have purchased cheaper USB chargers in the past that would overheat and would pulse charge (It would start to charge and then stop, then charge and then stop). This Aukey USB charger has a constant charge with no issues.

#5.  Lastly it has a 2 year warranty.  I didn’t realize this until I read the user manual.  Not a bad deal for an $11 device.

Thanks for taking a look at this review. If you are interested in this device there will be an Amazon Affiliate link below.



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  1. Great device that I must have!