#63: April 2013 P.I. Podcast, Blog, Video and Business Review

In this blog I review the things that happened in April of 2013 with my business and the P.I. Advice network.  I give some insight to my struggles, victories and what I learned.

Private Investigation Business

April was a surprisingly busy month.  I received more work from clients that typically don’t assign very much and less from the companies that usually do have work.  I think it really shows how fickle this industry is and how clients you service move around quite a bit in the insurance industry.

I think my biggest struggle was trying to balance large assignments.  What I mean by large assignments is surveillance cases that are assigned for 4 or 5 days.  Don’t get me wrong I love the 5 days of work but it is hard to last 5 days on a case without problems.  What problems you ask?  Problems usually mean getting burned (caught), losing the subject because you are being too careful, neighbors catching on to you being in the neighborhood and giving you a hard time.

If anything happens during the surveillance that makes any one day shorter than usual (having to break off the case early), it essentially means I will be on the case an additional day on a later date, which means I can’t work other cases that need to be worked.  It is stressful trying to balance things but I somehow managed.

Private Investigator Videos

I continue to record the podcasts and post them to the YouTube Channel and it appears that many enjoy listening and watching the podcast at the same time.  To date the P.I. Advice YouTube Channel has 191 subscribers and over 43,000 views.  I appreciate all the feedback and comments on the videos as it helps guide me in the making of other videos.

Private Investigator Podcast

Some months I have more time and energy than others to produce the podcast but I enjoy it very much.  This month I posted two podcasts.  In episode #19 I discusses my experience during tax time and  something I did in the past during surveillance to help improve my performance.

In episode #20 I discuss some of the costs I came across when starting my business.  I think the actual number will surprise you.

I always encourage those that follow the blog and podcast to ask questions because I will likely answer the question in a blog or podcast.  It makes things easy for me if I know what you are interested in hearing about.

Private Investigator Advice Blog

Yikes, I just realized how little I wrote in the month of April.  I can only really blame my busy work schedule as to the reason for the lack of articles.  I think my brain needed a bit of a break as well when it came to writing.

For anyone that writes (regardless of the topic), it is important to go out and experience things so that you have something to write about.  I had plans of attending some conferences recently but for one reason or another I found myself unable to attend them and that was going to be one of my experiences.  I want you to absorb what I  share with you, just like I want to absorb the knowledge that others are willing to share with me.  There will always be someone that knows more than you in this industry, so be willing to learn from others when you can.

I know I have quite a few hard core followers and I want to say thank you.  It’s your questions, participation and inspiration that keeps me motivated to keep trucking.  Thanks for reading, listening and watching.