Touching Bases with the P.I. Community

I received a great message from someone in the Chat room indicating they were not happy with my podcast, as #15 apparently had nothing to do with a P.I. Business.  I can only assume that the individual didn’t hear the entire podcast.  With that being said, not every podcast is going to appeal to every listener. Someone new in the industry might love the first 5 podcasts that I made and someone who is starting a business, and is beyond that point in their career won’t care very much about those episodes because he or she doesn’t need to know that information.

Some episodes of the podcast are going to be exactly what you wanted to hear about and other times it’s not.  I am covering a large spectrum of listeners and that can be tough sometimes.  But just so you know I am always trying to give you good stuff whether it comes to the blog, videos or podcast.  I might have to slow down on the podcast a bit and be more deliberate on the content.  I ordered a sound board last week so I should be getting it in the mail this week.  I will be having my brother help me get the live video portion up and running as well as improving my production value on the podcast.

I just wanted to keep everyone in the loop.  Work is pickup up a little which usually makes everything with the P.I. Advice network slow down. I should however have a blog article posted soon.




  1. I run a pretty successful blog in a different niche and there are always people who are unhappy with something. I try not to let them discourage or dissuade me. I have a focus and a reasoning that doesn’t have to match theirs. If I tried to do things their way I would never be successful. I’m one of those new PI’s you mention that has so far enjoyed your first 8 podcasts. I hope to continue learning from all of them as I intend to make this business of mine successful. Right now I’m not legal to conduct my own business under VA law but I will be someday. I plan to take as much advice from as many people as I can along the way so I can be better prepared later on.

    • Thanks for commenting Kristy. There is plenty of great advice available out there. When you start your business check in with the blog and let us know how you are doing. Thanks for listening and reading the blog.