The Private Investigator Advice Blog Hits 1 Year!

P.I. Advice Blog In October of 2011 a guy by the name of Pat Flynn inspired me to start a blog after watching some of his videos that I found on YouTube.  I started with no blogging experience and the most writing I had done was in the form of reports for the college classes I was taking.  I didn’t know how to build a website and knew little about search engine optimization.

I started the original Private Investigator Advice website on  I began writing about surveillance and my thoughts on surveillance in the first few blog entries.   While I continued to write blog articles I began learning how to create a real website.  After a couple months of casual website building research,  I started a new blog and transferred all of my articles on to the new website.

During the early part of 2012 I was a full time student and working full time.  I did my best to put out 3 to 4 articles a month during that time.  As time progressed my articles began showing up In top internet results and 1 to 3 people a day at the being months turned into nearly 1900 readers a month at the moment and many dedicated followers.

In addition to the blog I felt video tutorials would be a great addition to the blog.  I began recording videos and purchasing things that would help me to teach different aspects of surveillance.  At the moment I think I have posted approximately 20 videos.  I took a bit of a break but have already started planning for several new videos which will be posted in the near future.

After making several video I still felt there were better ways to reach those interested in the private investigation field.  I started the podcast to reach out to the potential audience that like to listen rather than watch or read.  It has been fun and challenging to do.

It is very rewarding to know that the blog, videos and podcast are helping those on their private investigator journey.  My wife has diligently read every blog post and acted as my editor over the past year.  I am not only grateful but blessed that she can not only put up with my career but with the additional endeavors that I enjoy.  Without her support I don’t know what I would do.

Of course without the audience all of the work is for nothing.  I want to thank all of those individuals for their support of the podcast, those who email me with questions, and those who keep me moving forward by asking when the next podcast or video will be posted.   It’s a bit of accountability for me and I am thankful for that.


I think that I have only scratched the surface of what I would like to eventually do to the website.  Of course much of what I would like to do takes a considerable amount of time.  The only thing I can do at the moment is chip away at it little by little until there is enough information for any individual to decide if being a private investigator is right for them.  If it is right for them I would like to have enough content for any individual to get a running start in the industry.

Thank you again for reading,