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How to Become a Private Investigator in Arizona

Arizona’s private investigator licensing program is run by the Licensing Unit in the Department of Public Safety.  In order to for you to be granted a Private Investigator Agency License you must have …:”equivalent of three years of full-time investigative experience that consists of actual work performed as an investigator for a private concern, for the federal government or for ...

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How to become a private investigator in Idaho

Idaho is one of the last few states that does not require a private investigation license to work as a private investigator.  Personally I hope it remains that way as Idaho’s population is only 1.6 million with the majority of the population being located Boise and Coeur d’Alene.  Many private investigators are licensed outside of Idaho and work in Idaho ...

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Private Investigator Licensing Requirements in Washington State

When it comes to licensing in Washington state to become a private investigator Washington does their due diligence in making sure someone either knows the laws or has experience to be doing the job. Unarmed Private Investigator To become a unarmed private investigator in the state of Washington you must apply to and receive an employment offer from a private ...

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