#53: Hushed Smart Phone App. Is this the next app that Private Investigators will use?

In 2012 I wrote about the Burner App on the iPhone that a regular guy used to catch a thief who had stole his expense bicycle and was trying to sell it on Craig’s List.  To read this article and see the video click here.

The Burner App is very similar to the Ring Shuffle app and is  a great alternative as you could have several temporary numbers at the same time.

The disposable phone number apps like Burner and Ring Shuffle now have a new competitor, the Hushed App.  The Hushed app plans to provide disposable phone numbers to over 40 countries worldwide according to TechCruch

The Hushed app is available on Google Play but apparently it is only for Android phones at the moment.  Don’t be discouraged, the Hushed app is not far from being available to iPhone users.  Apparently the makers of the Hushed app felt as if the Android market was an under developed one so they wanted to make it exclusive to Android users first. 

Hushed is very much like the Burner app as you can purchase a temporary phone number for 7 days, 30 days, or 90 days.  The app allows for incoming and outgoing calls and has voice mail which can compete with Google Voice.  Google Voice however is a free permanent phone number with a voice mail. 

Justin Shimoon reported to TechCruch that he wanted to be very transparent about the cost of phone numbers and services.  He indicated there is a prepaid plan and a pay as you go plan with prices starting at $1.99.

The owner indicated that the app is ideal for dating, job searches, short term projects, Craigslist, etc…What’s interesting is the fact that if you are in a different country you can get a phone number that is local to that area.  Now I don’t travel out of the country often but for those who do I can imagine this is something that smart phone users will be eager to use.  Future additions to the disposable app are voice mail transcription, voice mail forwarding to email, and the ability to purchase calling cards directly from the app. 

The owners of this co-founded application are Justin Shimoon and Timo Mika Glasser.   There was a five person team that raised well over a million dollars to make this app.  This app had over 2000 downloads in its first 24 hours with no marketing what so ever which is a pretty impressive to say the least.

The owner also indicated that all phone calls take place over data so you don’t have to worry about your cellular minutes however you might have to worry about your data plan.  If you are using the Burner app, you will find that the price points are very similar in the Hushed app. 

I am personally excited to see this application on the iPhone and will report further on this exciting app when I can test it.

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