GBB G1 Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone Review #120

GBB reached out and asked that I review their GBB G1 Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with microphone.  I was interested in reviewing it for personal and business purposes.  So let’s get to the review.

Wireless speakers are a big thing in the tech industry.  Just walk into Best Buy and take a look at their wireless speaker collection.  And with more demand comes more competition.  And with more competition comes affordable wireless Bluetooth speakers.


Using Wireless Speakers for Business

I do a large amount of SIU (Special Investigation Unit) work now adays which means I make a lot of calls when I work from home.  My calls are typically to police, attorneys and those involved in insurance claims (insured and claimants).  When making these calls it is nice to have my hands free to write notes and type on my computer.

I can do this by placing my phone on speaker phone but it would be nice to have a louder speaker especially when I conduct recorded interviews over the phone which happens quite frequently.

Recently I needed to play a recording for someone which was stored on my phone.  I brought the speaker with me to ensure that when they listened to the recording they would be able to hear it clearly.  It was nice knowing that I had some extra speaker power with me.

Using Wireless Speakers for Personal Use

On the personal side I watch a lot of videos on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sling, YouTube and listen to a lot of podcasts on my phone.  Occasionally I need a little more volume when watching those videos on my phone or tablet.  So naturally I would be interested in a Bluetooth speaker.

Also when I am out on the boat and want to listen to music (because I don’t have  stereo on the boat) having a Bluetooth speaker be perfect for me and my family.  Anytime I want a little volume boost on my phone or tablet a wireless speaker is what I will be turning to.  This will be nice to hook on a backpack when taking hikes or walks with my family.

G1 Product Details

  • Dimensions – 6 inches x 6.8 inches x 2.6 inches or 66 x 69 x 172mm
  • Weight – 2.65 – 466g
  • Built in rechargeable 3.7v 200mAh polymer lithium battery (5 to 8 hours of continuous speaker use)
  • 4.0 Bluetooth (connect wirelessly)
  • 5mm Jack Cable (plug in directly)
  • Rated IPX4

What Comes in the Package

  • Bluetooth Speaker (green or black)
  • Metal Hook Loop (you will find already hooked to the speaker)
  • 3.5mm Jack Cable
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual


How Well Does it Work

Sound Quality

I was impressed with the sound quality especially at a high volume.  I didn’t hear any breaking or crackling in the sound.  The sound carries very well.  The speaker has two 5W speakers.

Bluetooth Distance

While listening to music the distance I was able to walk away from my phone while holding the speaker was approximately 20 to 25 feet.  After about 25 feet the speaker began to lose connection to my phone (I was using a Samsung Note 5).  The product states it has a range of up to 30 feet.

Phone Calls with the Built in Microphone

The sound quality from the built in microphone is good.  I tested the speaker and microphone by making a call to my son.  My voice came through clear on the speaker and his voice was clear on my end.  I have no complaints.


Look and Feel

The speaker is nicely designed and covered with rubber sleeve that doesn’t affect the sound quality.  With the hook attached to the speaker it means you can hook it to a backpack while playing music from your phone so everyone can listen.

What I liked

The product claims 5 to 8 hours of music listening on one single charge.  I have not tested the duration of the battery or how long it takes to charge the speaker.

The maker of this speaker claims it to be rated IPX4 which is basically water resistant from light amounts of water splashing.  No submerging the speaker under water.  This is enough water protection for normal outdoor use.

If you don’t have a Bluetooth device you can plug the speaker into a radio using the 3.5mm cable.

When you turn on the device is audibly states that it is on which I thought was a neat feature.


Final thoughts

I plan on using this speaker for my personal use and for my work as a private investigator.  As a private investigator I will be using it to make calls and on occasion like I mentioned previously, to use to play back audio.

I believe for the quality and the price this wireless speaker is a great deal for anyone looking for a quality speaker that is a little more rugged.  You also get two color choices of green (which reminded me of the Army) and black.  The price this was selling for as I did this review was $35.99.

If you interested in this speaker click on the affiliate Amazon link in this article which will take you directly to this product.

If you get it and like it make sure to come back and comment to let me know how you like it.


Here is an affiliate link to this speaker.