Surveillance tips

#102: 7 Tips and Considerations When Buying a Video Camera for Surveillance

Surveillance Camera Tips

A video camera surveillance is a very important thing for a private investigator. Over the years I have found small important things to take into consideration when purchasing a video camera that most people might miss.  Generally speaking video cameras are not cheap and you will likely only buy one until it breaks and needs to be replaced.  I would personally ...

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Quick Tripod Tip For Using Your Tripod Within Your Vehicle

Tripod Tip

I received a message from reader/listener who was confused as to what I talking about when I referred to using a tripod within my vehicle.  The reader said the only time they really used their tripod was to record the interviews they conducted.  I explained to the individual what I was referring to, but then it occurred to me there might be others out ...

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Sometimes it’s Better to be Lucky Than to be Good – An Investigation Story Shared-P.I. Advice Podcast #29

Better to be lucky than good pic Play in new window | Download The phrase, “Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.”, can be very true when it comes to being a private investigator.  Sometimes we stumble across information that makes us look amazing at our job. Other than paying attention, sometimes we do little and the information we need comes right to us.  ...

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Surveillance in Bar – An Investigation Story and the Lessons Learned. Private Investigator Podcast #26

Private Investigator Podcast 26 Play in new window | DownloadIn this private investigator podcast I discuss several things but the main topic is conducting surveillance in a bar.  You may have already read the Bar Surveillance article but if you haven’t I have shared this story and lessons learned in this podcast.  I will continue writing and podcasting more about this in the future. ...

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