Surveillance tips

What is a Good Video Percentage for a Surveillance Investigator? #158

What is a good video percentage to have when conducting surveillance?  This refers to the percent of the time a private investigator obtains video of their subject.  This was a question emailed to me recently and an excellent topic to discuss for surveillance investigators and in particular insurance investigators.  A …

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Can Private Investigators Videotape Your Family During a Surveillance? #149

Private Investigator Videotaping my Family

Can private investigators videotape your family during a surveillance?  I can’t remember where I first saw this question but I wrote it down so I could respond to it.  Recently someone again asked this question because a private investigator videotaped someone who was a friend of the subject and also …

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Can a Private Investigator Follow You to Your Children’s School? #143

School House

The title of this article was changed to more clearly reflect a question I found that was search for. The question searched for was “Can private investigators stalk you at your kids school?  Typically people who don’t know anything about private investigators use the word stalking when it comes to …

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How Much Does a Surveillance Investigator Deal With People? #138

Pretexting Neighbors

I received an email from a reader and among the many questions that the reader asked me one question caught my attention. The reader stated: …I have looked into being a Private Investigator before, but the idea of having to interview strangers all day turned me off. Aside from that, …

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Conducting Surveillance on Someone That Knows you are Following Them-#128

Private Investigator Surveillance

There have been few times in my surveillance career that I have followed someone even though they knew they were being followed.  Today I will share a couple of stories with you.  This is probably something you probably didn’t expect to hear from me and I preach and teach that …

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A Practical Use for Quadcopters During a Surveillance for Private Investigators- #117


A private investigator in Oregon responded to my video titled, Drones for Surveillance. Are Private Investigators Using Them? The video was basically the video version of an article I had written about the topic of drones for private investigators. The Oregon investigator messaged me the following: Andrew, I am a …

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How to Deal With Reckless or Fast Driving Individuals you are Following During a Surveillance #115

How should you deal with reckless or fast driving individuals during surveillance?   This question was asked on one of my videos and I thought it was important enough to write about to provide some advice for new and veteran investigators that conduct surveillance. There are many scenarios during a surveillance …

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11 Time Tested Surveillance Tips For New Investigators- A Reader’s Questions Are Answered #110

Surveillance Tips

Being a private investigator is tough. Being a new private investigator conducting surveillance can be even tougher.  I still remember the trials and struggles I went through as a new investigator and those days were stressful and tough.  Not just mentally but financially.  They were mentally tough because when things …

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#105: How Long Does A Private Investigator Follow Someone? Why Do They Stop?

How long to private investigators have to follow someone?  This is a question I am sure some new or soon to be private investigators have as well as the individuals that find that they are being watched by a private investigator.  In this article I share the most common answers …

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