#44: What to do if you are being followed by a Private Investigator

I recently received a comment on one of my blog articles regarding surveillance safety.  The individual whom we will call Joe, indicating that multiple private investigators had been following them for several months. Joe indicated that the private investigators had broke every law in the book while following him which included reckless driving and trying to run them off the road.  Joe believed that they were either private investigators hired by a specific insurance company or in-house investigators.  Joe was very confident that the private investigators were associated to an insurance company.  I can assume Joe is either on a disability claim or workers compensation claim.

What Joe was describing was what investigators call, “Rough Shadowing”.  Rough Shadowing is when an investigator continues to conduct surveillance even after the case has be compromised and the investigator is being aware that the subject knows they are being followed.

Approaching a private investigator


There are a variety of actions a subject will take if they determine they are being followed.  Below is a list of typical responses in no particular order:

  • They act as if they don’t notice the investigator
  • Stop and make an obvious gesture as if they know they are being followed
  • Stop their vehicle in a random location (like the side of the freeway)
  • Follow the investigator
  • Attack the investigator
  • Threaten the investigator
  • Have a neighbor scope out and possibly approach the investigator

None of the provided responses, in my opinion, are safe. 

What would a typical private investigator do if you gave them an indication that you were aware of their presence?

In most cases, a private investigator will cease conducting surveillance and leave the area.  A private investigator does not want you to be fearful and they don’t want an altercation because they were caught following you.

There are some stubborn or inexperienced private investigators that believe that they can either continue to follow you undetected on that day or a later date.  Either way, they may return.

Considerations When Being Followed by a Private Investigator

What you need to take into consideration is the possibility the individual following is not a private investigator.  What if the individual following you was doing so to hurt you or your family?  There are some crazy people out there.  Maybe the individual following you was a private investigator however had mistaken you for someone else?  You really just don’t know why the individual is following you.  I am not writing this to put fear in your heart but it is a situation you should take very seriously.

So What Do You Do?

Before I make any suggestions let me first say that you do whatever you feel is safe.  I am not a lawyer or a law enforcement officer.   With that being said I would recommend that you call your local law enforcement and inform them that you are being followed.  Give the authorities the best description you possibly can of either the individual of their vehicle.  If you are capable of doing so in a safe manner, attempt to obtain the license plate of the vehicle.  I would not go out of my way to do so but if the opportunity arises it wouldn’t hurt as the plate number will be an asset to local law enforcement.   The police will make contact with the individual and determine their intentions.

Private Investigation is a Business

If you find out that the individual following you is a private investigator keep in mind that the private investigator is just doing his job.  Someone has paid him/her to do this service and the private investigator is trying to make a living. Private investigators are not perfect and may not pickup on signs that they are compromised.  That is why I believe calling law enforcement is very effective and safe.

If it has been made clear to the private investigator that you know they are following you and they continue to do so, I would seek some consultation by an attorney because at that point it is just plain harassment.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Take care and be safe.



  1. Great post! I’ve give the same advice many times before. As a surveillance investigator myself, I avoid getting burned at all costs. However, the few times I have been burned (it will happen to every surveillance investigator at some point in their career), I discontinued surveillance immediately. Having the police called is, for me, embarrassing and humbling.

    • Note that not everyone who is on disability and whom may drive his or her car once a while to let’s say a doctor office of to get a bite to eat is facking his her disability. But, if you have a job which entails to take a picture or video of a disabled individual during a circumstance as described above, in an effort to turn this over to an insurance company so that a claim may be denied, you would be lucifer himself. Be an investigator to help and not to hurt.

      • Hi John,

        I agree that driving a car doesn’t mean you are faking it. But if you tell the insurance company you can never drive because of your disability and therefore can not work; I believe the insurance company might have something to say about that. Personally I don’t care what a claimant does each day. I just do my best to document their activities.

        • Andrew –

          Someone with high fever or severe headache can leave work and drive his or her car home, then go under the blanket. Just because he or she drove home while sick does not mean he or she is faking it.

          The disability law states the person must be fit to work a 8-hours shift. I agree that abuses need to be isolated. But, PIs are breaking the laws: phone tapping, tailgating, lying, misrepresentation, and others similar sinister undertakings by PIs are not warranted. Needless to say that you are breaking the laws.

          • John,

            I have been doing this for 10 years. I don’t break laws (well I might speed a little sometimes) and I just document on video whatever I can of my subject during the course of the surveillance day.

            When I discuss people driving when they shouldn’t you need to understand the context of that statement. I someone tells the insurance company they can’t drive (at all) because of their work comp status or disability (hence the reason they can’t work), and I document that same individual driving everyday, I would naturally think the insurance company has a case against that individual.

            If fraud wasn’t as bad as it is John I would be out of a job.

            With that being said you need to understand that sometimes insurance companies send an investigator on a surveillance only to find that the subject they are watching is abiding by their restrictions. I might work the case a couple of days and then never see the assignment again as the insurance company is happy with the results even though there is no fraud. My surveillance efforts only prove that the insurance claim is legit.

            I might have to write an article on this or maybe podcast on this soon. I think private investigators get a pretty bad wrap.

      • I completely agree! I have a disease where my blood attacks my body but disability took away my benefits because surveillance videotaped me food shopping and pumping gas. I was told I lost my benefits while I was in the ICU. lately I am followed every time I leave the house. They stay even though they know I’ve identified them. they point their stupid pens at me, wear those ugly glasses, have the large Bluetooth, or the key fab. Ours do bad that my parents ask them to leave and they’ll be waiting for us in the parking lot. In fact, somehow they know where I’m going and will meet me there. I don’t leave my house anymore because I’m terrified of losing the funds that pay for my medical treatment. I personally believe those who conduct surveillance knowing disability will misuse the information have no souls or integrity. How would they feel if it were them or their child fighting a disease, going through horrible tests or treatments, and then the added abuse of surveillance on top of it.

        • I am going threw this too. I will trust God and pray. I will not stay in my house because of them. Get doctors notes saying what you can do and do it. Naomi

  2. A good article. A colleague of mine here in the UK was on surveillance when he parked on a terraced street. a gentleman came out of a house he stopped outside and told him he knew he was a PI and if he saw him again he would break his legs. The twist? my colleagues target was at a different address on the same street and my colleague had somehow managed to stop outside another house where the occupants were conducting an illicit relationship.
    keep safe!

    • This happens all the time :). Everyone thinks you are there for a different reason. It just depends on their personal situation. Someone could be selling drug or going through a divorce. So they automatically think you are there for them. Thanks for sharing the story.

  3. Im looking for private investigator info n job ,i worked for saps for 12yrs i think i can assist in the industry

  4. im being followed every where on a grand scale no matter when I leave house .
    Especially in supermarkets and shops and when im at the till it looks like they r following me to the till and looking in my trolly .
    im followed every where even in cafes and it looks like they r sending ordinary people in posing as costomers to in shops at post office cash machine every where I go ,
    they r on foot in lots of cars all which get changed regulary never same car or same people .
    I filed a complaint to day at police station but as its all different people hard to pinpoint who it is .
    I was made bankrupt and now im being followed everywhere .
    im over heard one say you should take a photograph of that and he pointed at my trolly he seen me look at him then he pretended he was pointing at something else .
    im being followed on a large scale though more than a dozen at a time .
    Any ideas whats going on and do pi work in such large scales as this .
    I feel harassed I don’t know if its a creditor or my trustee agent whos following me im sure it was something to do with me being bankrupt .
    any ideas .Kind Regards misty

    • Misty,

      Surveillance is very expensive. Unless you are being followed by the government it is unlikely that a dozen people are following you each day. Not many people can spot one private investigator on foot, let alone 12.

      I am not disregarding your concerns or that maybe someone is following you. Be safe out there. If people are following you they might not be private investigators so be safe.


      • Hi Andrew.
        thanks for your reply much appreciated .
        yes I would say that they were delibertly letting me know that they are following me .
        wonder if it could be a creditor out for revenge .
        I notice the people that run the bankruptcy programmes im sure there from the government could it be them .
        yes was out today but it was on a lesser scale today but I still noticed im being followed I know the local shop is on there payroll so to speak as they were following me to and passing info on to them ,
        I told the police but ive still not got enough proof yet .
        I noticed they had a elderly person following me today at cash machine and in supermarket I can spot them all I did notice they were not as in my face as usual today maybe they knew I had been to police .
        I was sure my phone was tapped cause they know as soon as I leave the house .
        any ideas what I could do maybe its a do it your self job and they have brought in there aunts and uncles and grannys etc that’s what it looks like .
        Many thanks .misty

        • If it is the same people each time then get their picture if possible each day and show the police. Again do what you feel is safe to do.

          • Hi Andrew
            no its always different faces and different cars .
            they particulary seem to be interested when im in the shops and at the tills .
            It looks like they are watching what im spending and what items im buying as I did over hear one say look at that and point to trolly and he then said you should take a photo of that .
            I thought maybe it was my trustee agent checking if I really do spend that amount on messages as they asked me what I spend at supermarket .
            the local shop whom I discovered was in this with them also asked me a lot of questions like do u have a husband .or boyfriend how often does he come away and who do u live with and do u have any dogs .
            I noticed after I was asked all this I noticed I was being followed and they have been talking with lot of strange guys at the counter who don’t look local I also over heard him say when I walked in shop he said to one guy no im not answering any questions he said that cause he spotted me walking in the guy quickly left shop .
            I aked the shop owner do u know who is following me he said no he wasn’t aware of nothing i told him i knew i was being followed i knew he would go back and tell them and the very next day they treid to change the way they follow me but i still spotted it .
            When i told him all im doing is going to the shops he then said yes all u do is going to asda every week but i never told him i shop in asda every week its strange how he knew he then said oh cause ive seen u .
            Faces change every week though as do the cars and the police said if the guy at the shop wont tell u who they r they r not going to tell us either .
            In the beginning though i was sure it was my trustees agent face i saw i was sure it was him and next time i phoned to speak to him i was told he had left before he left though when i got a refund i declared it to them and he said yes cause u know we are keeping an eye on you and you are doing everything right .
            So i thought it might be them and they have paid local shop for info maybe they r checking up on me to see if i told truth of who i live with and what i spend .
            Of course it might not be them at all but that was who i thought it might be i did ask them outright and he said no it wasn’t them i asked him do u think i should file a complaint with police and he said yes .
            i still thought it might be them though i did notice he hesitated before answering me when i asked r u following me is it yous .
            i was sure it was my case officers face i saw he jogged past me the next day i was in a café and this bloke was at counter he stared at me without turning away and i was sure again it was him and following day at back of supermarket but when i phoned the following day to speak to him i was told hes left and not here no more but i have a feeling he still is there .
            It must be costing them a fortune though and all this carry on just watching me shop cause as i look after my elderly mother that’s all i do just my shopping but even on days i don’t normally go out when i went out on a different day they were there so i take it there there all the time .
            One day on a clear day sun shining more than a dozen cars had there lights on when they passed me i thought that’s strange on a clear day .
            sorry this post is so long but just don’t know really what i can do .
            I will try and get more evidence but its quite difficult as all cars change and people .
            When i said i regonised my case officers face in the beginning i have never met him but i looked facebook and im certain it was him and he did make comment yes cause u know we r keeping an eye on u .
            then i was told he had left after he said that to me .
            someone else took over my case but i asked him is it yous whos following me and he hesitated then said no .
            Sorry for going on but its making me worried will update with any more news i can find .
            Much appreciated misty .

          • Hi Misty,

            No need to update me. I would say based on what you have shared it is unlikely that there are so many people interested in following you. You mentioned it was always difference cars and faces. This is something that is very hard to do and very expensive to do. Be safe in what ever you do.

            Take care

          • Hi Andrew
            many thanks .
            Regonised another face from internet and it looks like it is my trustees agent he works for them to .
            I think I will get legal advice about this cause it doesn’t seem like normal procedure to me as the one I regonised this time was posing as a new shop assistant in the grocers I mentioned he works as agent for trustee same place as my case officer .
            I think I will seek legal advice still being followed although it was on lesser scale now since I reported it to the police .
            Many thanks anyway .
            Kind Regards Misty .

        • Misty –

          I too, have the same experience with several cars and several people following me. I am on disability, and I thought it might have been the insurance company. But, the volume and amplitude of the surveillance let me to think that it could not have been the insurance company because of the amount of resources being used. So, I started thinking, could it be the government, since I had relationship with them also before I became disable. Then, two months later, my doctor told me: How did you get here; i.e. to the doctor’s office? I told her, I got a ride, which was true. Then she went on and stated this: Don’t do anything, don’t drive. Just wait till your condition reverses before you drive. Then, it clicked. The insurance company had devoted a lot of resources to take a picture or a video to show that I am not as sick I said that I was, and was trying to enlist my doctor in siding up with it.

          So, you not crazy. They are following you. Take pictures of their faces, of their cars, tag and anything you can do to expose (burn them). They have a cheap job. If my condition wasn’t medically objective, I would have been denied my claim based on this cheap PI work. Shame on you.

          • Okay I know your post is from 2013 but I have no one else to tell people would probably think I’m nuts or something. I will try to explain my situation. Here it is I believe it started last year maybe in May 2013 a month before my husband left me. Husband was still living at home with me. It was at a store I had my child with me. The man who I think to believe was a pi was not professional he thought I wasn’t paying attention he took very close pictures of me kept looking at me and my phone. Kept following me. Also it was scary cause I went in an isle to catch my breath and not scare my child then guess who sticks his neck out to look at me another man that was with the original man I didn’t notice they were together at first. Then when I was paying the cashier the guy that took pictures of me was watching what I was buying and what form of payment I was using. He must have told the second man something cause he left the store when I left. He walked fast like he was in a hurry and right past me so close almost to touch. They have traumatized me. I didn’t understand and still don’t. Also I seen the one that took pictures of me one more time from far he was walking in a store and I was at a bank close by we made quick eye contact never seen him again. I have never filed any claims. One thing is my husband after some months came back and now it’s happened again but not as bad. I was at a store the other day and not to many people were there a man on his phone kept walking past me talking loud enough that I heard him. He was even in the same isle with me at one point we were back to back pretending like he was looking at something. At first I thought maybe he’s just a store detective making sure no one steals. I thought I’m fine with that cause I’m not going to take anything. Then I got scared because I heard him talking on his phone. Not many people were in the store so I heard him loud and clear tell the person on the phone like he was talking about me he was referring to a woman and a man a married couple his words to the person on the phone were exactly this as he was referring to the couple (she stays home and he takes care of the house) then he made a comment to who ever was on the phone his words as he was laughing and referring to the man this time ( yeah give him four glasses of wine) as I said he was laughing along with the other person i was nervous and puzzled. It was so obvious it was about me and my husband. So many things went through my head trying to figure out who would spend money on having a pi watch me. I’m a boring person. At first I thought maybe it was my husband that hired a pi because it happened before he left and after he came back. Here’s what leads me to believe its possible when we were separated he seen a divorce attorney he doesn’t know I know. Also the same day he came back I went to the gas station and a young man between late twenties and early thirties stopped and asked me for directions. I thought it was strange because the whole time hubby was gone I was never bothered. Also about two months ago I was coming back from a appointment and I felt like a car was following me she made it obvious I turned all of the sudden and she turned. I took a different route and all of the sudden she’s at the same red light as me almost home. I’m so traumatized. I finally had it and asked my husband if he hired a pi he said he doesn’t have the money for one. I know a pi could be expensive but knowing he never told me about the consultation with the attorney he proved he’s not honest and has no conscious when it comes to telling me the truth. Also I know a woman I think my husband denies knowing who she is was calling him after he moved back home. Could she have anything to do with it. Also today at the store a man I felt nervous around left at the same time as me. I felt sick again they are getting better at it. When I went to pick my child up from school the man that I seen earlier that day leaving the store wearing a ball cap and sunglasses went in the parking lot of the school in a small truck very slow in front of me. He didn’t pick anyone up and finally my heart sunk and I felt so heart broken. What could I have done to deserve this. Please any advice would be appreciated.

        • Misty, I had the same thing happen to me . you said you take care of your elderly mother, well, my own sister turned me in to the state when I was watching my mother cause I bought my self items for watching her from her account. She has done the same if not more then the rest of my siblings.. Every state has a law about taking advantage of the elderly, even if your not ,they will still investigate it, sometimes for months, maybe your mother has dementia etc . Do you have brothers or sisters? someone may have tipped the Attorney Generals office off on you. That is why they are following you to see what your buying…but. they can get copies of your mother’s bank statements and see what is going on. I have noticed the same thing several cars in a row lights on during the day. Also, you will see alot of deep black tinted windows on cars investigators drive. it’s so you can’t see them but, they are watching you maybe taking photographs for court etc etc. They sent me an indictment in the mail. I was so hurt my own sister did this over money and things she wanted from my mother’s house. I spent months watching her and I deserved to be paid but she couldn’t do to her illness so my sister was the one who called the Attorney Generals office.

          • Hi doves
            thanks for your reply .
            I do have a brother and a sister .
            I never got on with my brother and I do feel my brother is involved in this he never visited my mother in years apart from about twice a year after my mum was ill though he is never away from the house now trying to cause trouble .
            He also took a letter I gave him to post he text me to say he had lost it this was to cause a argument as it was a important letter I gave him so we argued about how on earth he could have lost it .
            when we were arguing he then said oh u r not fit to look after my mum I think u r stressed and should see a dr and im going to get u assessed he said .
            So it could well be him the next day his girlfriend returned the letter saying they happened to find it but they had opened it and treid to stick it back down again .
            He was just looking for an argument to provoke me .
            I live with my mum and take good care of her she doesn’t have dementia but she was in hosp with chest infection recently and is frailer now my mum gives me permission to collect her pension for her and some times gets me to get build up drinks small items for her or for house hold I have her permission though .
            although I buy the main big shop for her and pay some bills for her with my own money I spend nearly all my income on house hold for us both .
            My mum pays some bills to we share household costs .
            I only ever buy something from her pension when she tells me to .
            I have her permission and its only ever small items from shop like her build up drinks or scones or honey for her self or some extra cake or buiscuits .
            I buy her main shop every week with my money .
            My brothers girlfriend works for the council as a carer though and she wanted to be my mums carer so she could get money herself but because I live with mum and I look after her then she has been trying to find fault with me to get me out the way so she can step in and get money its them who want her money not me .
            they my brother and his girlfriend keep trying to find fault with me so they can get me out so they can get in .
            God help my mum if that happened she wouldn’t last 5 mins with them there only interest in my mum is to see what they can get vultures .
            they have treid to smear my name its all lies so it could be something to do with them right enough .
            I did notice faces from my bankruptcy team in my town though and I feel they might have put my brother up to doing this as I did suspect my brother was wired up when he comes to visit my mum and he keeps trying to provoke me into arguments .
            social services the occupational therapist was sent out to mum but all them said they could see my mum was in safe hands and she said they are all just needing to leave you and your mum alone and give yous peace .
            So they knew to my mum was in good hands with me .
            My brother was a violent bully to me when I was a child and up to the age of 21 he would punch and kick me and was nasty to me all my childhood .
            Its him who should be assessed he also purchased a property of mums from her years ago and never gave her all the money for it so its him who should be assessed .
            Im still being followed its been 7 and half months now .
            No one will tell me whats going on .
            I will keep yous up dated .
            Thanks for your reply all much appreciated in your help .

    • Misty
      What you are experience is real and most people focus on the who what and why would someone and who could afford to do this to you. Well what you have described is happening to me now. It’s real and people trust this like a secret shopping gig, they follow you to the store and every place you go. Just stay strong because they want you to appear insane…it’s professional private eye work..

      • hi tia
        I wondered if u knew who was following u ?
        I did think the use of some pi has been used in my case I say that because of the questions I usually get asked when im out .I get people starting a conversation with me whom I don’t know and I keep repeatedly get asked the same questions again and again which makes me think there have been several PI on my case now they may not know the real reason why they r asked to investigate me they might not know the real reason is just to cause me harassment so to be fair some PI who have been on my case wont know what is really taking place .as someone said the case then gets handed back to my tormentors .im pretty sure there have been a few PI on my case maybe some of them could come forward if they suspect they are hired for the wrong reasons .Most PI who have been on my case would know by now the answers to those questions so my guess is that it looks like new PI are used again and again then it ggets handed back to the tormentors I would agree with ted smith on that one he knows what he is talking about .I get strangers frequently on the bus or standing at bus stop or when I get in a conversation with them I get asked how long have u lived there who do u live with do u have a man are u working do u have any dogs are u on facebook I repeatedly get asked that again and again by people I don’t know who strike up a conversation with me .I even had them ask what money do u get .I get the odd phone call to then hang up .so I do think from what I have seen PI have definitely been used but they or some of them might be innocent of what is really going on .

  5. I own a private investigator firm in Austin and getting burned is never pleasant and can end up costing the agency the case which could amount to 1000’s of dollars. Needless to say we go out of our way to not get burned. We can usually recover from the situation if a neighbor spots us – parking several houses away as you suggested helps. But if the target catches us then we are toast. I tell my folks as well as the clients that we will stop the investigation if there is any indication that the target is becoming wise. If I’m following someone and they make a U-turn unexpectedly, I don’t take the bait and just keep going. It’s better to run away so you can fight another day. It’s much easier to explain what happen to a client in that situation as opposed to explaining that we were straight out burned. We can always change investigators and cars the next time. However, one of my competitors (from what some of his ex-employees tell me) actually has his investigators sign an agreement that if they loose a tail that it costs the investigator $50 bucks. I’m not sure what the rational for doing that – it seems to me that it’s forcing the investigator to be much more aggressive, more willing to break traffic laws, and is bound to increase the likelihood that the investigator will get burned which in the long run will cost that agency more money. And I’ve got to tell ya, that the investigators I’ve spoken to find this policy to be draconian. I thank you for your article – we all need a little advice on how to handle getting burned. It’s bound to happen to all of us but what is more important is how to recover from it and break the news to your client. I take these situations as learning experiences – maybe given the same circumstances I would put 2 investigators on a case to minimize the risks.

    • You guys think you are sneaky. I have caught several following me. I know all your tricks, the tinted windows so dark you can not see who it is.. PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR IS JUST A FANCY NAME FOR STALKING PEOPLE. I just wonder how many times you have been caught and maybe had your ass beat for spying?

  6. What you should do is take a picture and go up to him and tell them that you are going to report it to the cops. That will get them off give the cops the picture and tell him that he is following you and its different people from A PI.

    • and the cop shows up, we show our identification and explain out purpose and he says have a nice gets back in his car and drives away leaving us to do our business that we are there to do.

  7. I also have a problem this guy where we live is crazy from the head he told me that he hired a private investigator because supposably somebody broke into his room. He is a dirty guy he puts expensive jewelery on the kitchen and leaves in hopes that one of us will get it. Now I know that he is trying to build a case on any of us. What can I do I can get the PI’s Card since the actual PI went to the house and gave the card to one of us and saying he was looking for someone. Can I send the PI and this crazy guy to jail for invasion of privacy?

  8. Thanks john .
    much appreciated .
    My case is now got worse as now all my neighbours seem involved to and the shops .
    Ive seen people talk to the manager then they follow me up the road to and im still getting followed round supermarket the shop assistants are now involved as well .
    when I leave the house all the people down the road from me either come out of there house and then look to see where im going and they get on the phone and even shop assistants are now following me to and I believe the taxi drivers whom I used were either wired up or bugged or filming me .
    It seems like the whole town is envolved now .
    I think they must be paid getting paid or something by someone who is showing them some sort of badge cause everyone seems only to willing to go along with them .
    Its been going on for 4 months now .
    No one will tell me what is going on people I thought who were friends have all stabbed me in the back nice to my face but I believe there asking me questions to go back and tell who is following me or there wired up or filming me .
    im not crazy I swear to god this is really happening .
    One bus driver when I got of the bus a car was waiting with 2 guys in it and the bus driver looked at me and said what a carry on .
    Every where I go or people I talk to or shops any where I go they go I also believe I was followed to the drs and dentist are they legally allowed to ask drs or dentist info I thought this was illegal .
    I could phone dentists and ask as im sure they followed me in there as I got a taxi down and the taxi driver was saying to me oh its expensive going to the dentist and he then said are u working so I do believe this is something to do with my bankruptcy.
    When ever I ask anyone they all say I don’t know who it could be .
    im sure my brother is also envolved and is actually filming me and my mum in our house im sure he is im sure they have got to him to .
    Im sure the police would know as it seems to be all over town every one knows but me though what the hell is going on .
    what can I do about this it seems they are out to destroy my life and they are turning the whole town against me .
    My phone is tapped im sure it is as well and im sure my home is bugged to .
    Honestly im not crazy it really is happening .
    I want to bring them to justice I have the names of locals who are following me but then they will all probably deny it though and all shops seem envolved to .
    I don’t know what I have done .

    • Sounds like a carbon copy of what happend/is happening to me….claim was settled over a year ago but This bullshit continues….just returned to work after 5years….first job after work injury was sacked on second day for minor mistake….I have no doubt it was related to my injury claim ECT. They have made life hell for my family and i

      • Thanks leo for your reply
        Its been 7 months now and im still being hounded.

        Neighbour down the road said to me they are following u cause they think u r a shop lifter..
        He said the taxi drivers told the boys who deliver my messages to my door that I was a shop lifter .
        I had to get my messages delivered to door cause im being hassled and hounded in supermarket .
        I have never ever shop lifted in my life every week im followed by strangers and shop assistants and they repeat all my conversations in supermarket so my phone must be tapped wired or they have listening devices around my home they repeat conversations that all relate to me .
        I think someone must have opened up a investigation on me and told lies its about shop lifting so they can be allowd in to hassle me every week .
        Cause why would a supermarket allow them to do this every week they stage up set ups like they hold conversations with each other at tills beside me but they are relating to things about me or in my life but they pretend they are speaking to each other .
        ive seen people pretend to collect prescriptions to at the pharmacy section and at the post office section they pretend to get served beside me but they are watching me to see what money im lifting .
        I think it must be a pi whos told lies on why they are investigating me I think they have told lies by saying shes a shop lifter but all they want to do is hassle me week after week .
        The neighbour also let slip that most of the taxi drivers are getting there petrol money paid for them by some company .
        the taxi drivers follow me now to .
        If I could find out who is paying there petrol money it might lead to who this is that’s hassling me .
        In saying that I did notice more faces of those who are dealing with my bankruptcy I noticed some of them in supermarket although I didn’t know that at the time but when I come up road I looked at there photos on the internet and it was there double .
        They have over 200 employees and my neighbour said the taxi drivers just get day out of the office on there day off when they are following me .
        I thought this also that my the people that are dealing with my bankruptcy take day out of there office get the day off to follow me so it wont cost them as much .
        I did think that myself .
        whther a lawyer would be able to help if they wrote to supermarket and asked if anyone is investigating me as its all lies that they must be telling supermarket .
        I wonder if the supermarket would be obliged to tell a lawyer or can the supermarket with hold that information ?
        It seems like stalking by the government but from what the neighbour said I think its more likely a viscious smear campaign .by the people whos dealing with my bankruptcy .
        Would supermarket have to tell a lawyer if a lawyer asked them who it is that’s in there supermarket every week .
        I asked the manager in a phone call but he treid to deny any thing was going on he said he would be happy to speak to the police though if police investigated .
        I made a complaint to police months ago but didn’t have enough proof back then but from what neighbour is saying I might have something to go on .

        sorry u r going through the same thing leo I did email police Scotland online about my problem but they sent me a link to the anti stalkers help support group they told me to get in touch with anti stalkers help line support group in the first instance as they would know how to deal with this sort of thing .

        So I probably will do that soon maybe anti stalking help line u can google it to leo it might help u to get some support .
        I will probably get in touch with them soon or a lawyer .
        This is libel as I have never shop lifted in my life don’t have no criminal records either its slander .
        Hope u can get out of this living hell to leo many thanks for your input as that helps me too .

  9. Misty, what you are describing is gang stalking. Groups of individuals will organise surveillance of you and later sometimes harassment of you using the internet to coordinate their efforts. They will do stuff like what you describe, being in places you frequent making obvious comments about you or show signs of overtly watching you while you are there on purpose to get under your skin. They can also employ things like gaslighting and whatnot.
    The purpose is to harass you but in such a way as to not technically be illegal.
    It’s not a organisation with deep pockets and a huge pool of investigators after you, but a group of individuals who are friends with each other and who pool their own resources to follow and harass you. Groups like these are sometimes hackers or hactivists who are defending (in their eyes) one of their group. It can get pretty ugly, so be careful, ok?

    They sometimes will use private investigators to follow you initially, to learn your daily routine and any info they can about you. But after that, they switch over to using members of their own group. So keep that in mind. Going to the police with suspicions and no solid proof a bunch of random people are stalking and harassing you is goi.g to make you appear mentally unstable in the eyes of the police. And that’s precisely what your tormentors want. Be careful!!

    • Hi Ted
      Yes I think u r right it does seem like gangstalking .I don’t understand though why sme of those people don’t go to the police anymously and report it cause shop assistants join in to and I get followed into dentists and drs as well so I don’t know why no one reports it .Maybe its cause the gangstalkers have told lies about me and then everyone is believing them or maybe they have someone in the group who shows a badge of some sort and everyone thinks its a legal investigation .
      I did hope people would report it anonymously to crime stoppers cause lots of people must know who they are .
      Yes I did notice lots of them in town they do all know each other even the neighbour said to me they all know each other .
      Im still being stalked every where and yes they shout the comments or stage conversations with each other but talk about things that relate to me .
      I did think though that some people who were initionaly involved some of them strange enough have backed off now maybe they realise what is happening and know now it isn’t true what they r saying .However they just seem to recruit in more new people .Lot of the faces I do regonise and there r lots I don’t .
      Yes I would say its definitely to harass me they seem obessed with me and like u say I think they have put in listening devices and a camera near our house some where .
      I though about getting someone in to check my garden .
      if anyone regonises me from this post then can they please report those people to the police they could do it anonymously or take evidence them selfs and send it anonymously to the police cause lots of people in town must know who they are .
      I notice they are making horrible gestures to my eldery mum as well when im with her so they seem to have it in for my mum to who is very elderly .
      I think my brother is involved and his girlfriend and neighbours are involved to and my bankruptcy people also became involved with them to .
      I notice the council as well is involved to I cant understand why they wouldn’t report those people they must have told awful lies about me which is worrying cause all those people seem to believe what they tell them .
      It could be someone who I had a fall out with but for someone to go to that level to do this on this scale should be brought to justice especially as they are picking on my mum to who is elderly and frail .
      they must be heartless and ruthless and obessed stalker full of hate to do something like this .
      If anyone can help me please report anonymously or if anyone has any idea who ringleaders are then even if they have evidence please post it anonymously to myself or to police .
      Lots of people must know and some of those people who showed hatred in the beginning to me some of them now smile at me and say hello so I think they must realise something not right but still lots joining in .I try and ignore them though .
      if anyone knows who they are please get in touch or u could do it anonymously from phone box phone crime stoppers or please try and get evidence on yer phones and post to police or to myself if anyone knows anything .
      Many thanks for your reply ted hopefully someone can help me and my mum .soon .

      • Misty – I’m not trying to dismiss your concerns because obviously you must be very frightened. The idea of ‘literally everyone’ conspiring against you does sound terrible. But I’ve read every single comment you’ve left here – what you’re describing does not sound like the work of a private investigator. Even if you owe billions upon billions of dollars, it doesn’t sound like the work of a private investigator, or gang stalkers, or anyone who is out to get you. Please seek the help of a medical professional in your area. One who could help you sort this out – specifically someone who deals in mental health.

        Again, not trying to make light of the situation or make things worse, but if you really want help for you and your mother, do it.

        Take care

        • I do not have any mental health issues at all .
          Neighbour also told me its a certain group of people and I regonised there faces to also there on security cameras in the shops I think they have forgotton that .
          I agree with ted its a certain group of people and they will be on camera and lots know who they are .
          I think its all them that has got the mental health issues and its them who need the help .
          the proof is out there too many people know who they are just need at least one or 2 to come forward and there finished .

          • Misty, what you are describing is truly terrible. It’s also a scenario that is extremely difficult to organize and pay for. You essentially believe that the entire town you live in is out to get you. For what? Why are you so wanted? Who would pay so much money for information on you? This has gone on for a long time, you would have bankrupted whoever was behind this. The situations that you are describing, how do you know that the tellers and clerks are talking about you? How do you know that people are looking at you everywhere you go because they’re out to get you and not because you’re just ‘there?’ How do you know that the cab drivers aren’t getting their petrol money from the cab company itself?

            You’ve had PIs tell you that this kind kind of setup just isn’t probable. I’m just taking a very educated guess to say that it’s not PIs, it’s not gang stalking and it’s something you should seek help for, especially if the police are not helping you.

            Have you ever gone for a mental health assessment?

          • As I said I do not have any need for any assessment those who are involved in this crime cause that’s what it is those are the ones who need to be assessed they must be seriously evil and are very disturbed individuals to carry this out .
            Someone else has just told me that those involved are doing it for the money and the main ringleader has mental health issues and he has covered his tracks with no evidence to trace back to him .
            also the security cameras in town and in the shops will show who has the mental health issues .
            gang stalking is a crime but only those who have expertise in it or who has endured it will understand what im talking about it would be impossible for u to understand what im talking about as u don’t have any knowledge of it .

          • hi misty. I am going through exactly what some of the others are going through.so many people serveiling me and as soon as I burn 1 another turns up. It at the shops,drs,specialists appts when I sit out front or do my hydro. this has been going on for nearly 3 yes now and must be costing who ever is doing it a fortune. I do have a serious work accident claim and I didn’t realise it was happening to so many people like this. at first it was only 1 or 2 but I knew they were there watching and really didn’t mind but by god it’s got to the point where if I go and have a beer with my mates or go shopping there are at least 10-15 all communicating with each other and they now are right in my face. I am doing my best to avoid them and have made a few nice journeys double backing and getting on a bus and getting off 2 stops later or walking through laneways instead of main streets. I was with a mate the other day and he thinks I’m paranoid but by the end of the day my mate had seen at least 8 of them come and go as I burnt them and the last one he actually saw this guy talk into his collar lol it’s like something out of a get smart episode. You do not need a health professional for help you are very wise and aware just like me of what they are doing to u. keep vigilant and don’t let them get to u .

    • Right this is the truth as described. I have been going through this for now over 4years. Vandalism on my property, followed when and wherever I go. If I am going to get gas. As soon as I open garage door neighbor would back out their garage and when I return someone would be parked in front of my house with head light iin my direction. They manipulate and move things inside my house car etc. neighbors let their dogs loose and poop in my garden and in my yard.. My dog goes crazy! What they are doing to me is technically illegal for sue.. My house appears to be bugged because they know everyplace I say I am going.. Cameras also installed.. If I open my windows and sit in the living room, 5-10 minutes later cars will start to slowly drive by. It’s am being tormented and stalked 100%

      • Tia
        Thanks tia for your reply my next door neighbour one night was shouting at the top of his voice that everybody is being paid £50 by the mob while he was hammering on my 84 year mums bedroom wall during all during the night .he is clearly being paid to do it .I phoned the police to report the noise he was making don’t know if police attended or not as we went back to bed .he clearly was shouting everyone is being paid £50 by the mob was what he said .so he definitely is involved .
        I still get followed by them every where I go and they were delibertly trying to bang into my mums wheelchair when I had her out they r nothing but cowards if anyone has any info on this please get in touch or u can do it anonymously at crimestoppers if u have any evidence of who is behind this .and who is paying them obviously I know what locals r involved as I can see them but I still feel some official is involved to my case is similar to the jane clift story she was from England though she was followed by the council they admitted it though so she was able to sue in my case I did ask the council if they were behind it but they said no they wont admit it .
        if anyone has any info of who is behind this cowardly crime please let me know or phone cromestoppers anonymously many thanks .

        • You’re definitely right off the deep end, lady. The fact that people are humouring this outrageous accusation, for this long, is almost laughable. Seek medical help for paranoia.

          • anon or tr
            I could have almost put money on the fact u would reply somehow maybe im getting closer to the truth .
            thanks for your input the only people who need help are those who r involved in this crime .
            cowards who cant show there face they get there puppets to do there dirty work for them .

        • This is happening to me as well for over 9 months. I am disabled with Fibromyalgia, depression and Rheumatism and Arthritis. I have over 15 license plates of Private Investigators, have been rough shadowed, questioned by investigators whom pose as shoppers, etc. They pay bribes to neighbors, interview them, and try to make me appear as insane. It has become stalking, harassment and I plan to contact the CEO of insurance company. MRI, X-rays and blood work does not lie. I was not given a 1st floor apt, and believe that my landlord thinks I will sue him which is not my intention. It has caused me distress, sleep deprivation and nervousness. They would like to believe that I am paranoid, however license plates do not lie. I remain firm, and since MRIs do not lie, they are seeking anything to prove me wrong.

          • hi anon sorry to hear u r going through this as well thanks so much for your input it really helps .
            yes I think there could be rogue pi on my case well a lot of rogue pi they keep changing them I also would say that some of those investigators have come down from England not all of them but I would say there could be a connection to that area .
            from clues I have picked and also some may have been used from a talent agency as well from info I have gathered and observed .
            most of there surveilence I would say is connected to one of the neighbours I would say they r using cameras videos and bugging devices from a certain neighbour this particular neighbour also took in lodgers from England to which might have been private investigators this what I have observed anyway .
            yes I know which relatives friends neighbours are involved and its almost laughable when they r asking me questions as if I wasn’t aware they think I don’t know of course I just play along with them and don’t usually say so they think im none the wiser but of course I know who is involved it is so obvious now .
            I was also aware they have hacked or they know what im looking up on google and im awre they contacted me on facebook but I just played along with them ha ha im not that stupid there is nothing wrong with me I know they get shop keepers family neighbours taxi drivers strangers to ask me questions of course I know they are stupid they think I don’t know they r total scum especially family members relatives to take a bribe to sell info on there own blood is despicable total scum bags I know who they its very naïve of them to think we don’t know ha ha ha .
            i have a few people on the list of who it could be who is hiring them some of them on that list are millionaires so that’s where the money could be coming from others on the list who are not wealthy but it definitely is somewho who must have some authority to be able to get info on medical records and be able to get shop assistants and nurses to go along with them some be somebody with some sort of badge .
            now if i can ask Andrew is a pi aloud to have access to med records like dentist or drs or wuld they also be allowed into hospital to speak to drs is that allowed can a pi be able to do that ?
            if anyone can tell me or give me info on my case or the names of who it is that’s behind this please get in touch with any info u do not need to be named and i can assure u if u give me info and don’t want to be named then i can assure u i wont ever name u to no one all i want is the name and then i take legal action against those involved .

        • Tia, I believe you. Do not be moved by the negative remarks. I can almost guarantee you that the perpetrators are online. This is called abuse of technology, bullying through technology, and because so many are going through this, it is now a felony, including spyware. They will be found through their E-Mails and can be reported and investigated. Please hold on Tia, you are not alone. God is with us to deliver us from every evil work. They are Satan’s puppets.

      • Tia, I read your situation and it can surely happen to you too.
        Tia how do you know that your being bug may I ask you that
        question because usually the people that do that staff never
        make it obvious.
        I am sorry that your going through this top time, If this continue I would move out and if it continue than you know
        call the police. You need to have your freedom and trust
        yourself it is always true.

      • I think when people know they have been followed because of an insurance claim they can start getting paranoid. I have done this myself and I know no company is going to spend that amount of money to follow me as much as I think I was followed. To me it is harassment when people start having psychological problems because of it. I had a guy pull a very large out a camera with a large lens and roll down his window and aim it right at me. I figured they wanted me to see him maybe for intimidation because I was not doing anything wrong.

  10. To whom it may concern,
    A p.i. Left me her business card at my residence, I do not know exactly when because I was out of town.  The  p.i. wrote on her business card that she had important documents to give me. I called the p.i. and she claimed not to know what the issue is about and that she may no longer have the documents in hand. She also said she would return my call, that was three days ago. Should I have any concerns? Apparently she or another p.i. have been asking about me at my house. Again, I am out of town.
    Many thanks,

    • Maybe it was to serve you papers? I wouldn’t worry to much about it. They are clearly trying to figure out when you are home. If she calls you back then great. If not, don’t lose any sleep over it.

  11. I have a question my WC case is almost over. We have a benefits court hearing in 3 months. Yesterday me and my daughter and a friend were at the park and I notice this guy with a professional camera with a long lens. He came out of no where and started taking pictures of the ducks on the lake. I was sitting down and paid close attention and it seem like he was taking random pictures. I never saw him take a picture of me and he soon disappear. A couple of strange things have happen recently my father lives in the same house hold as I do. He recently bought brand new tires and the next day he had a flat. When he took the tire to the shop they discover a brand new screw in the tire. I am temporary disable and have always follow my restrictions very closely so I don’t have any worries. What do you guys think? I was attack by co-workers and they tried to make it seem like if we were horseplaying. That was there defense “horseplay” they won the trial, but my lawyer soon appeal and we won. So this is a pretty big case because they injure my head, neck, shoulders, hands, upper back, mid back, lower back, legs, psychological trauma and a concousion.

    • Hey Mr. Smith,

      In regards to the man taking pictures at the park. I don’t think he had anything to do with your claim. We use video cameras not cameras to disprove claims. Cameras just don’t provide enough context to show movements of an individual. We also don’t like to be seen if we don’t have to.

      As for a screw in the tire, it seems as that was just a bit of bad luck. I don’t of any bad guys that go out of there way to screw something into a tire. Why not just put a knife in the tire?

      Take care,


  12. Also would like to edit my information. I don’t know who the woman is that had been calling husbands phone. He admits to nothing. I don’t know if she has anything to do with it. Could he be trying to catch me doing something trying to work up a case against me while still living as a married couple. Also could they really be pi’ seven though they are not very professional. Why take pictures of me at the store I wasn’t doing anything wrong what could it prove. Why so close like he either thought I was clueless or didn’t care. Also could it have anything to do with my husbands tiny disability claim not full disability. I have never received any kind of disability or even applied for it but my vehicle is in both our names. Does it have something to do with him since this happened right before he left me and after he came back. Could that woman he could have been seeing after he left me have anything to do with this. Please only honest and sincere comments as this is a delicate situation.

  13. Hello. my main question regarding this is if some one is looking for you and that person hires a private investigator… don’t I have the right to know that someone is looking for me.???

    • The quick answer AJ is yes. Not a right in the legal sense as far as I know however. The private investigator should be letting you know. Now I will say if the individual is using a lawyer and needs to find someone for a legal reason, I would be less adamant about letting the person know someone is looking for them.

      It’s the calls I get where someone is always trying to make it sound like the person I am looking for is a bad person yet with a little digging and a few extra questions I find there is more to the story as to why they want to find an individual. Most people don’t want to pursuing finding someone when I tell them I will be notifying the individual that someone is looking for them. Furthermore I tell the client that if the person I find doesn’t want to be found by the client, then I won’t reveal their location.


  14. Misty I have little bit similar situation. The issues of my neighbors that been going on for the 3 years that this neighbors of ours jealous and to much drama, adult bullying neighbors. I am strong and I been insulted lots of times this neigbors are very immature and horrible no life and it started the two couples do not like us at all at first and than there friends calling me name been follow many times it could be private investigator that they hire but why? I told myself why would they hire private investigator waste of money and I done nothing wrong let them waste money not for sure it could be also there friends so call friends. What i did I do not nothing to hide and I do not bother follow them or I do not talk to them or own nothing to them not at all . What I do just to stay strong ignore and if they tried to hurt me or treat them I just call the police. and my husband do not like the way they behave and my families the same and our friends they are my witness. I do not know the reason for sure but, I can only guest that they just want to scare me or they are bored and unhappy in there own life and true and rude Praying only if you believe in God it helps me to overcome your fear. I know I done nothing wrong so I will not make big deal andThe best thing is keep it cool and I did and must do ignore my neighbors and I planning to move out is the best but, be safe always and I can only give my situation similar to your situation just be strong and Ignore like they are invisible.

  15. Misty I understand your situation and It happen to me few time. This female do not like me and her husband and friends and accusing something I did not do at all. She did take pictures of me several times and good that i recognized there faces and I been follow many times and It can be stress and wandering what and why do they take picture and i am not movie star. Its not easy if they hire private investigator and I ask myself, I do not know for sure but, as long I done nothing wrong. I would not worry and stress myself and I am ignoring each of them including there friends too. I have friends and also do have friends that support me all the way . I have friend who happen to be a police and he told me to move out and keep notes avoid them all and if continue than file a report against them. My life is precious I do allow them and make my life miserable and let this two bad couples and there friend ruin and control my life.
    Wish you the best hope you find help and be positive stay strong.

  16. Misty I read your article and the problem about the private investigators. You know you done nothing wrong and why would you think that they follow you and not unless you did something from the pass only you know Misty.
    I would not allow this private investigator to let you be stress it will not be good for your sake and for your health. I would suggest ask your friends around to give you advice for your protection. If your concern that you been follow and been taking pictures of you and you also notice that they change cars make sure you recognized them very good.
    Do not be afraid to talk to someone who can help you what your going through.
    I do not know you personally but, you seem not to panic and seek help.

  17. Hi Anonyomous ,
    Thanks for your replys much appreciated sorry this is happening to u to I appreciate all replys on this and your stories to please keep them coming as they do help as yours is similar to my case .please any info anybody has is very welcome .and your confidence is guaranteed if u so wish if anybody has any info please let me know either in person or if u know me on facebook u can send me a private message any in fo at all .there is something I will be looking into shortly will update if I have any news on it please if anybody or if u want to approach me or send me info on this matter if u know what or who is behind this please let me know .i have some ideas of who it might be but will update later if i find out anymore will be doing some checks myself to .please keep that info coming to me much appreciated .

    • Misty, thank you for answering my message. I am still getting follow and my partner seen them many times. I never hide no secret to my families and I told what is going on and I have my car check and I am honest yes, stress for my and my partner and I do have my own believe that God is with me and I am nothing to afraid. I shall tried to research and hoping this will stop. We are moving out of here and the police were we are cannot do anything not good for us. I am not even a movie star and I do not know why and what is the problem. Misty, you ask me who is behind this no clue but, we just have suspect and I rather not share it with anyone. I am not going to let them
      over power my life. The best way is for me to move out and if it continue than let them waster there time and money. I do not owned nothing and I never done nothing and even closer to them because they are troubles.
      The reality there are people that are bored in life and just want to waste money to hire someone and perhaps there friends volunteer and I would not even be suprise what else they doing behind our back and sound that they are sick and sound creepy radical unhappy people.

    • Misty just make sure are they following you each day and following me like they know where your all friends living.
      Remember millions of cars it can be someone else.
      I am not telling you that I do not believe your real stories.
      Do you know how much to hire private investigator can be
      expensive and keep notes. Making sure you done nothing
      to whoever is following you because it can be against your way too and the situation can be difficult.
      situation but, if you happen to see there car behind within 4 miles
      than and know where your friends meaning not only 4 and i am sure you have lots of friends. Misty, do your math and figure it for good. I am not in there side. Whoever is following you are they living near your home. If they hurt you for sure than you can call the authority . It can happen to anyone in the whole world.

  18. Misty, they are playing tricks on me and i am so smart and I got the intelligent from my parents. What i do is ignore and avoid them and even if they calling me name or middle finger me just ignore them because they want me to react and I seen it happen to me and they follow me many times and calling me name and I totally laughing because the lesson and intelligent that I learn not to react and it
    can be there friends trying to catch me from another vehicle. I do not panic and just stay calm and avoid them all. It must tired that they follow you and make it worse for you and you need to get out and move far enough not to see you and if you know you done nothing wrong just move on with your life who said it’s easy were human and
    people like to get you upsett you have to make a big commitment to ignore but be safe and stand for your right.

  19. hi everyone thank u so much for your replys much appreciated it really all helps please keep info clues coming im good at reading between lines also your stories to they do all help .i was givin some info recently wont say who from as i promised confidentialty and i stand by that .info i was givin was they had implied to me it was my bankruptcy team who were behind it now they gave me info that only me and my bankruptcy team would have known i never told this person details but yet they were able to tell me about my case which was accurate they then went on to say they r following u to see if u earn extra income any where else .i said accountants don’t have any right to be following anyone and they said oh but that lot has a law unto them selfs .i was told in a round about way it was them .i think it must be them who has got me monitored in the community that’s what it defo looks like im being monitored in community 24/7 so i think they are usuing any excuse to get me monitored just so they themselves can hassle me and hound me they have involved all locals council to who seem to be monitoring me they are usuing lies or any excuse to continuly harass me they know damn well all i do is look afer my mum and go to shop back home yet they continus to harass me 24/7 .i think they have went round the shops neighbours every where and got me monitored they are probably using that as an excuse to do so by usuing my bankruptcy as an excuse .its been a year and a half now ive been hassled hounded so has my mum when i have her out i don’t know how it works when someone is monitored in community wther it goes through the phone network system in place that would explain it and one shop phones next shop etc etc neighbours phone to next lot further down etc etc now some of them might think or believe what they are told so join in .they are monitoring me like some sort of terrorist or criminal ive no criminal convictions what so ever if anything its them who are acting illegally .i must remember i did infact see there faces in my town many times so this info will be taken seriously and also this person knew info about me that only me and my bankruptcy team would have known about so i will take this info seriously .a good deterent though is when u bring out yer phone they are not long in getting out yer face then was followed harassed today by some one making it very obvious i just thought right ok then brought my phone out and i can tell u he wasn’t long in moving after that he rushed right past me as he knew i was going to photogragh him .anyone following me harassing me can expect to get there phot taken when ever i do that though i rarely see that same person again they just replace them .please keep info coming stories clues i can read between lines lol please keep them coming .still one or more things to check out yet and then ill seek lawyers advice please keep info coming anything at all u think will help me many thanks to u all and thank u to whom gave me that info must have took a lot of courage u will be kept anonymous though as i did promise but it all helps in my case thank u all and im sorry for what u r going through to please let me know how u to r getting on .

  20. Most of you on here appear to have paranoid schizophrenia. Seek medical attention as soon as possible.

    • Valiant effort, but it’s not worth it, Eric. They’re eyeball deep in the delusion, nothing but serious medication and therapy will bring out.

  21. councilworker.anoyomous

    Thanks for your replys much appreciated .Yes I do know my neighbours are involved even overheard her go through a list of a lot of people who they would bring in to follow me I noticed they are trying to film me from there bathroom window I can see them sticking some sort of lens or camera through there blind with the blind down they will stay up there for hours no matter when I go into the garden .I don’t know why anyone would be interested in filming me hanging out my washing they are absolutely obsessed by me they are definitely involved as I heard him shoutEVERYONE WAS BEING PAID £50 that is fact and I see a couple of people onhere think we need professional help or don’t believe us but I knowwho I saw and of course they will be on camera in supermarket they have even sat beside me and my mum I noticed some of them have changed there facebook status settings as they know I regonised some of them from there strange they changed there settings but they are a bit late in doing so as I have already saw them and I know what I heard and what I have been told they might be friends with who ever is behind it of course I would say that they are just puppets doing whatever they r told but I still think the ringleader so to speak could be some official or ex official .I still need to get some thing checked out but hopefully that will be soon cant say what that is just yet but there is a reason for the delay but hoping it will be soon .yes I can see what locals are involved I have photos of some of them who was following me I have a photo of one in particular who could easily be itendified who made comments that I would be dead if I ever went up in a aeroplane if I went up in a plane I would be dead now he was saying it to me direct he was saying it to a woman who he was with and he was standing right beside me and kept looking round at me when he was saying it I have that woman on my phone unfortunately his face never got in the shot I saw them just recently another twice in the supermarket following week he walked past me on his own now I have that woman on my phone so that guy would easily be identified from her now that conversation happened just after I had spoken to another neighbour about someone offering me a job overseas then following week those 2 were in supermarket and he shouted u go up in a plane and your dead u will be dead if u go and he looked round at me although he was saying it to the woman he was with so its too much of a coincidence that I was talking about overseas to a neighbour and then he comes out with that .the job offer was from a stranger on the internet who has since disappeared as obviously I wasn’t interested I think anyone who knows me they know im no liar and they will also know im spot on with what ive saw and what ive heard I do know it does look like im being monitored in community now wther neighbour next door is friends with them so they will have it in for me I do think some official must be involved in my case for me to be monitored in this way and who on earth would want pictures or video me hanging out my washing some phsycopath I think obsessive phsycopath is the only explanation I can think of but hopefully I can get even more info please keep info coming many thanks for your input .I see u r very wise to but once u know u r being followed u r very aware of everything around u I might have been getting followed for a long long time before I even realised looking back I think I might have been .please keep info coming .much appreciated .

  22. So I don’t want to sound like a nut case however I’m pretty sure I’m being followed had this feeling for the last couple of months. A week before last I saw this guy take a few photos from his car towards my house and myself and then a week later he drove really slow around my house until he noticed me sitting in my car. So today I paid really close attention to the car’s around me noticed the same 4 cars, including the one around my house always where i was at. I also noticed a pattern to there stalking “surveillance”. One car would be way ahead another either directly behind or a few cars back then one would go to an exit I would most commonly use get off and then another would come on to either be in front or back and saw the car that came by the house use a heavy duty like military walkie talkie as he was speeding past me to catch up to the other car that had been following me. Again might sound crazy but I know someone has put a target on me and unfortunately I’m pretty sure I know who

  23. Last night, I noticed my rear view mirror was unaligned and tilted to the side. I did not leave it lime that when I had just parked the car 20 minutes earlier. This mirror can only be moved upon pressure and there is no electronic that controls it, hence, the only way it could move is if somebody causes (human force). I have noticed same thing before (a year ago)and just brushed it off. This time, I am curious. Is this something that a PI would want to do or does to tell me that they are on to me?

    • Last night, I noticed my rear view mirror was unaligned and tilted to the side. I did not leave it like that when I had just parked the car 20 minutes earlier and went inside a store. This mirror can only be moved upon pressure and there is no electronic that controls it, hence, the only way it could move is if somebody causes (human force). I have noticed same thing before (a year ago)and just brushed it off. This time, I am curious: Is this something that a PI would want to do or does to tell me that they are on to me? Is this a technic you would employ?

    • JT

      Personally I don’t think anyone is trying to tell you anything. I don’t think it would even occur to a private investigator to do that. We like to go unnoticed. I never want the person that I am following to know that I am watching them. So no, it is not something I would do.

      JT, why would they be following you or, ..”on to you?”


  24. hi everyone,

    My husband is involved in a WC case for quite some times. After years of being involved, he realized he is under surveillance which he doesn’t have problem with. However; the fact that I am being followed to work and school, is frightening us very much. we called the cops but not a big help.

    We live in a prejudice part of the town, and are afraid if we are being victims of racial prejudice.

    would a PI follow claimant’s family?

    how long can a WC partial disability case claimant be under surveillance ?

    Also, how would these people find my car and follow me wherever I go. would it be practical “and legal” to track my vehicle with some sort of trackers ?

    Any information will be very helpful. and much appreciated.

    thank you

    • Hi Nancy,

      I am sorry you are being followed. Usually when the insurance company begins assigning surveillance to be conducted on a claimant many different companies and investigators may be conducting surveillance over time. And when this happens information is not always shared between companies and investigators and the insurance company doesn’t bother to inform new companies or investigators that surveillance has been conducted already.

      What may be happening is a new investigator could be following you to work just to make sure your husband isn’t in the car. Since your husband is aware of the surveillance the investigators might be conducting surveillance from a far and it might not be as easy for them to figure out who is coming and going from your residence.

      A workers compensation case surveillance could be conducted as long as your husband is a claimant.

      No it would no be legal for a private investigator to place a tracker on your vehicle. Though understand that over time investigators understand the patterns of a claimant and a claimant’s family. And sometimes we just canvass around and get lucky when finding a claimant’s vehicle if we lose it.

      I am sorry that is happening to you. Insurance companies or whoever you are dealing with regarding your husbands claim have the right to investigate that claim.

      Let me know if I can answer anything else and I will do my best.


      • Thank you Andrew,

        Yes, your answers much helpful.

        In this case I would not be worried about them as long as they don’t harm us in anyway.

        By the way, a friend told me, investigators will track clients through client’s smart phone. Is that something true and common?

        • In the workcomp investigation industry that would be a big no no if someone was doing that. I don’t know that it is even possible. If you ever feel threatened I would call the police on the vehicle to have them vet the person in the vehicle to make sure they are an investigator. Just to make sure.

          Be safe.


  25. I have a Workers Comp case, but they said I reached my MMI a yer ago on march 2015, so the paid me until sept 2015, today is December 2016 and I busted a PI when I sent the police on him… the police later told me he was a PI but didnt made clear if was from WC… I’m only receiving injections and meds, not money at all…work restrictions went down to 6hrs daily… I called the assistant of my lawyer and asker if WC would be after me… even though my case was settled on April and they decide that I was done … no more money compensation , only medical treatments (if each of it were approved) … In the other hand I have a child support court coming.. so I think that might be the father of my daughter also… I’m very confused =/ any help from the PI on this forum?? P.S. my Impairment Rating was 10%

    • Hi Dafne,

      It might be a Work Comp private investigator but it doesn’t sound likely if you already settled. The only reason I could imagine (and I am only guessing because I am not an insurance adjuster) is they would resume surveillance if you work making additional claims after the settlement.

      On the other hand as you said it could have something to do with child support like you said. They might be looking to see if you are working more then you say you are and surveillance could provide some insight on that.

      The only other thing I guess I would ask is whether you caught the private investigator following you or you just caught them parked in the neighborhood. If they weren’t following you then there is a chance the investigator wasn’t there for you at all.

      I know it is annoying to have someone following you. And unless the police officer told the investigator that you called him in he might return.

      I hope this helps.