10 Funny Tweets For Private Investigators

Being a private investigator is a serious job. And with it being a serious job I don’t think investigators make light publicly enough about what we do. There isn’t enough lighthearted talk especially in public.

I try to be as lighthearted as I can but I think there needs to be more of it in our industry. I stumbled across a couple of funny tweets the other day and then searched for more so I could share them.

Just because I am sharing these Tweets doesn’t mean I think this is a platform for private investigator to build their business on. I think this platform is not something anyone should spend serious time on but with that being said, you can sometimes find funny stuff on here.

So here it is:

Funny Tweets for Private Investigators

Excuse the foul word on this tweet but I totally chuckled when I saw this.  Finding stuff out is our super power.



And then there is this. Love it.


But it is ok if being a private investigator is not your super power.



I don’t think it was a private investigator that created this. But I am a dog lover so I thought this was great.

Interesting cartoon.

Arrest The Private Investigator https://t.co/rSV6ZuFfYd by Dr Jack & Curtis (@africartoons) pic.twitter.com/MnywUraGIj


This was something I shared on Facebook awhile back and it still cracks me up.



For national Pi Day. March 14, 2017


Future topic of discussion? You bet it is.


Sound Philosophy


I am sure there are many more great tweets out there related to private investigators but I thought these were all quite entertaining.  Crucial Investigations seems to have quite a bit of good tweets.

If you find tweets that are worth posting in a future article be sure to share them with me.

What is your favorite person to follow on Twitter?  What is your favorite private investigator tweet?