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The Pros and Cons of Taking Dogs on Surveillance Assignments #145

Taking Dogs on Surveillance

My helpers on an early morning surveillance today! Love my PI Dogs. #PrivateInvestigator #Surveillance #Cheaters — Crucial Investgation (@CrucialInvestPI) March 13, 2017 This picture prompted a topic that I thought should be talked about if you are considering taking a dog on an investigative assignment even more specifically a surveillance assignment.  I come to the topic as an animal ...

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10 Funny Tweets For Private Investigators

Funny Tweets for Private Investigators

Being a private investigator is a serious job. And with it being a serious job I don’t think investigators make light publicly enough about what we do. There isn’t enough lighthearted talk especially in public. I try to be as lighthearted as I can but I think there needs to be more of it in our industry. I stumbled across ...

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FosPower PowerActive 10200 mAh Power Bank Review #144


I have talked about power banks in the past on Facebook but I don’t think I have ever reviewed one. I have been using a couple power banks for the last year or so (possibly 2 years) and I thought it was time to provide a review for the FOSpower PowerActive Power Bank 9000 mAh though I have found that they ...

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Can a Private Investigator Follow You to Your Children’s School? #143

School House

The title of this article was changed to more clearly reflect a question I found that was search for. The question searched for was “Can private investigators stalk you at your kids school?  Typically people who don’t know anything about private investigators use the word stalking when it comes to private investigators conducting surveillance. Can a private investigator follow someone ...

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Pebble Smartwatch Classic for Android or iPhone Phones Review #142

Pebble Smartwatch Classic Review

I didn’t have a smartwatch and I wanted to know what all the commotion was about.  I wanted to see if having a smartwatch was a hassle or asset, especially in the life of a private investigator. So I purchased a refurbished Classic Pebble Smartwatch.  I am pretty sure it was the first watch Pebble started selling.   The watch ...

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Can Private Investigators Run License Plates? #141

License Plate Search

People frequently ask if private investigators have access to databases or have access to information the general public does not have.  More specifically they wonder if private investigators have access to license plate information.   Private investigators have the same access to information as the general public does in most cases.  In some cases we can have access to additional ...

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Intertek 100W Continuous Power Inverter Lighter USB Review #139

Intertek 100W Car Inverter

I have purchased several power inverters over the years and typically have tried to stay away from the smaller inverters because many years ago I purchased a small one that failed on me shortly after buying it. It probably isn’t fair that I didn’t give a smaller inverter a chance because my bad experience was approximately 10 years ago.   ...

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