Private Investigator Sub Contractor

#90: Private Investigator Vendors or Sub-Contractors- 5 things to Expect When Working as One

There are many investigators whose sole income comes as a result of working as a sub contractor for private investigation companies.  Other investigators work as a vendor or sub contractor as fill in work for their existing investigation business.  What I have found by talking with others in the investigation industry is they didn’t know […]

Private Investigator Travel

#89: A Private Investigator Job Will Require Travel– What to Expect and Tips to Deal with the Travel

One of the biggest struggles for my family were the times I had to travel away from home for work.  As private investigators, especially those involved in the insurance investigation industry, we go where the cases are.  And cases can take us all over our state and into other states.  Sometimes even out of the […]

US Interlink

#88: Reverse Search Cell Phone Numbers, Portable Batteries and More – Technology for Private Investigators

Despite my extended absence from the blog and podcast fear not, I am here to share knowledge I have gained over the past few months that I feel will add value to private investigators in the United States and in some cases around the world. Portable Batteries My first encounter with small compact portable batteries was about a […]

Private Investigator Graduation

#87: Becoming a Private Investigator after Graduating High School. Should you do it?

Raise your hand if you undoubtedly knew what you wanted to do with your life after high school? If you are raising your hand I would ask this; are you in the occupation you thought you would be in?  The likelihood that someone is doing an occupation that they thought they wanted to do just […]

Side Hustle

#86: What is a Side Hustle and Why Does a Private Investigator Need One? P.I. Podcast #59

Most people haven’t heard the term side hustle and it is a term I only learned about a few years ago.  It’s not a bad word and has nothing to do with illegal activity.  I have no intentions of steering you in that direction.  What is a side hustle? defined a side hustle as […]

Tripod Tip

Quick Tripod Tip For Using Your Tripod Within Your Vehicle

I received a message from reader/listener who was confused as to what I talking about when I referred to using a tripod within my vehicle.  The reader said the only time they really used their tripod was to record the interviews they conducted.  I explained to the individual what I was referring to, but then it occurred to me […]

Google time line

Video Cameras With Time Stamps, Age Progression Technology and Smart Mirror – P.I. Podcast #54

Aging a Face Based on a Single Photograph Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a new technique for digitally aging a face over 80 years. They call it, “Illumination – Aware Age Progression”. Using just one photograph the method provides a series of age-progressed outputs (years 1 through 80). The technique accounts for […]

Translation Apps

#85: 3 Free Translation Apps Private Investigators Can Use in the Field -Tech Tuesday- P.I. Podcast #52

There is basically a smart phone application for anything these days.  If you haven’t found the app you are looking for, give it some time because someone will eventually make it.  It was brought to my attention recently that there were translation apps available on smart phones. I took a moment to check them out […]

PIA 51 cover photo

The Pocket Printer, FBI Wants Your Face in its Database and Turn Anything into a PDF- P.I. Advice Podcast #51

Tech Tuesday edition of the Private Investigator Podcast #51 4-14-2014 Zuta Pocket Printer Zuta Labs created a small printer that prints on top of a piece of paper rather than feeding through a large machine. The device will print one page per minutes and the ink within the printer will allow for 1000 pages of […]

Accident Cover

Free Accident Sketch Website and Translate Anything on the Web – Tech Tuesday #50!!!

Google Translate It was only after a brain fart did I realize I could use Google Translate to translate different online content that might help me during the course of an investigation.  You can translate any language to any language (English to Spanish, German to Spanish, etc..).  There is also an audio version that will […]