The Pocket Printer, FBI Wants Your Face in its Database and Turn Anything into a PDF- P.I. Advice Podcast #51

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Tech Tuesday edition of the Private Investigator Podcast #51 4-14-2014 Zuta Pocket Printer Zuta Labs created a small printer that prints on top of a piece of paper rather than feeding through a large machine. The device will print one page per minutes and the ink within the […]

Free Accident Sketch Website and Translate Anything on the Web – Tech Tuesday #50!!!

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Google Translate It was only after a brain fart did I realize I could use Google Translate to translate different online content that might help me during the course of an investigation.  You can translate any language to any language (English to Spanish, German to Spanish, etc..).  There […]

#84: How to Choose a Business Name for Your Private Investigation Business

Choosing a name for their private investigation business (or any type of business) for most people can be a relatively easy process.  You have probably heard me talk about my experience with it on the podcast but in case you missed it I am going to share it again.  I wouldn’t say it was an […]

#83: Targus TG-5060TR Tripod Review

I decided to pick up some additional tripods at Walmart knowing I would need more than one tripod to make a few instructional videos for the Private Investigator Advice website.  I was feeling impatient so I didn’t order the tripods through Amazon though I should have as I would have save a few dollars.  One […]

Nevada Gets Sued by a Private Investigator and the FBI Won’t do Backgrounds Checks for Pot Businesses- Private Investigator News #49

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Private Investigator Believes Foul Play was Involved in the Mysterious Death of a Man in Texas The family of a Texas man has hired a private investigator to look into his mysterious death.  Alfred Wright who was 28 years of age was last seen on November 7, 2013.  […]

Yahoo Indoor Maps, Reconstructing Images from Dreams and a Microscopic Lens- Tech Tuesday -PIA #48

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Yahoo Indoor Maps Can anyone use indoor maps?  Yahoo has integrated indoor maps to its new mapping product. Truthfully if I hadn’t read this article I wouldn’t have known that anyone other than Apple was trying to compete with Google on a mapping product.  But after reading this […]

Texting Without Cell Phone Coverage and Is it the End of Google Voice? PIA #47

Podcast: Play in new window | Download FireChat – An app that lets you text friends without a cell phone signal There aren’t many apps that truly impress me these days especially as it applies to the private investigator.  FireChat is one of those apps that you won’t always use but when need to use […]

Surveillance Equipment- Private Investigator Advice Podcast #46

Podcast: Play in new window | Download I wrote about surveillance equipment a year or two ago and the list I provided would allow for any private investigator the opportunity to be successful in the field.   I thought I had done a podcast about it but after checking I apparently hadn’t.  In this podcast […]

Auto Traffic Light Recognition and its Surveillance Uses -Tech Tuesday #45

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Auto Traffic Light Recognition Audi is adding something very useful to their vehicle that adds to safety, fuel savings and even time.  Audi is testing a new system that syncs up with a city’s central traffic computer which allows the vehicle to anticipate traffic signals. So if you […]

#82 : Facebook for Private Investigation Businesses – Tech Tuesday #44

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Facebook for Private Investigators Many investigators get caught up with social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc..) and can spend more time worrying about their time on those platforms rather than other things that can be more beneficial to their business.  I fell into this trap when I first started […]