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One Percent Infinity for Private Investigators #137

I listen to a handful of podcasts that are completely unrelated to  being a private investigator. I should probably listen to other private investigator podcasts but I don’t. I don’t even listen to my own podcast (Private Investigator Advice Podcast). There is one particular podcaster, Bjork Ostrom, from Food Blogger Pro that discussed a topic that I wanted to share with ...

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Are All Cases Fraudulent That are Worked by a Insurance Investigator? #135


Is every case worked by an investigator because the insurance company believes the claim is fraudulent? Some people believe it is.  Even some investigators believe this to be true.  But the truth is that much of the work I do in the insurance investigation field doesn’t relate to fraud at all. Much of Insurance Work is About Information Collecting I ...

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Call Screening Trick With The Whitepages App #133

Whitepages app Tip

There was a time when I never received telemarketing or scam calls on my cell phone.  I knew when I received a call on my cell phone it was from someone I knew.   Now I receive at least a few a day on my cell phone and I don’t answer my phone anymore unless I recognize the number. Not answering ...

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17 Tips To Hire The Right Private Investigator #131

Hiring a private investigator

It is difficult for someone who feels as though they might need the services of a private investigator to choose the right one without feeling as though they have made the wrong choice.  Either the investigator is too expensive, or maybe the investigator doesn’t really know what they are doing. I hope after reading this you will be able to ...

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