Yahoo Indoor Maps, Reconstructing Images from Dreams and a Microscopic Lens- Tech Tuesday -PIA #48

Yahoo Indoor Maps

Can anyone use indoor maps?  Yahoo has integrated indoor maps to its new mapping product. Truthfully if I hadn’t read this article I wouldn’t have known that anyone other than Apple was trying to compete with Google on a mapping product.  But after reading this article I found out that Google was working on indoor maps as well as Microsoft with maps on Bing. 

It isn’t difficult for a private investigator to locate a map within a mall.  But how much time could you save by knowing the layout of a mall ahead of time.  I believe every second counts.

Yahoo Story

T-Mobile Removing Employer Discounts

TmobileT-Mobile is now removing employer discounts.  An employer discount is when you work for a company and another business offers a deal to those employees if they take advantage of their service or product.  And these employees get a discount for using their services.  This happened when my wife and I switch from Verizon to T-Mobile.  But after this announcement I guess we are losing our small discount. 

You really can’t blame T-Mobile because even though they added like 800,000 new users recently, they still lost 20 million last year.  They don’t have the greatest coverage when it comes to LTE but I can make calls without a problem.  And of course I don’t get any overages and my calling and texting are unlimited.  I feel like I am already getting a good deal so I won’t be knocking T-Mobile anytime soon.


Technology Now Exists That Can Reconstruct Faces From the Viewers Brain

ReconstructApparently researchers at Yale developed a way to reconstruct faces locked in memories of people. More specifically it appears they can reconstruct a person’s dreams and stream it in real time.  The foreseeable possible  uses for this technology might be to see what a coma patient sees or maybe someone with Alzheimers .  It’s the beginning of the technology and it has a long way to go but this might be the beginning of something very interesting.

What if they were able to tap into a patient’s memories of someone in a coma and identify an attacker or to see a person’s memory during a specific event or disaster? 


The FCC boosts Spectrum Available to WIFI

According to articles by Gigaom and Engadget the FCC’s opening of 100 MHZ of spectrum will make wireless internet faster.  The Department of Defense no longer needs the band apparently.


Microscopic Lens

A microscopic lens developed by Rambus can allow even the smallest devices the capabilities of taking a picture.  You could stick the lens on medical devices, clothes, toy… you name it.


US Requiring Back up Cameras in Cars by 2018.

The National Highway Safety Transportation Agency announced that vehicles built after May 1, 2018 must have a backup camera.  The cameras are required to have a field of vision of at least 10 feet wide.  There is a degree between 130 and 180 degrees  that will likely be required.


Yahoo Maps Cover Video