#13 The marketing strategies I used in January 2012

Private Investigator Marketing Tips

So January was not the greatest month for business but that is usually the case in the insurance fraud industry.  This gave me some time to work on SEO for my website and do some marketing.  Here are some of the steps I took in the month of January to gain some ground.

1.  I switched my website from a squarespace.com hosted account to a BlueHost.com account.


2.  I have written articles and created back links to my website.

3.  I created a tri-fold brochure using MyBrochureMaker.

4.  I hit the streets and began face to face marketing with attorney offices in the area.

5.  My website has jumped from not being listed in Google to #16 for my desired key word.  My goal is to make it to the 1st page on    Google for my selected keyword focus.  To be more clear about keywords, keywords are what you type into Google to find information about what you want.

I will expand more about back links, the reason for the switch, why a brochure, and how my website is climbing so quickly in a future post.

I want you to know that I am an affiliate for only a couple of things on this website.  I place links in all things I give advice or suggestions about for your benefit.  I will get into more detail as to why I use BlueHost over Squarespace on a future link but the main reason is that I can set up my website through WordPress in minutes.  If you have decided to set up a website through bluehost.com and click through my site I will receive a commission.

So that is where I am right now 1/23/2011.  I do have a few clients already but most of that came through networking and being in the investigative field for so long.  So here is my advice for this month to all the investigators sitting on an agency license or the ones who haven’t got their agency license yet but can….Why are you waiting?  Take action.


  1. Hi Andrew!

    How did the face to face marketing work out for you?

    This is the next step for me and am curious if you have any tips or advice.

    Thank you!


    • I haven’t done it in awhile however it’s tough. There are gate keepers and there are lawyers that don’t really use investigators. The ones that use investigators typically already have an investigator they know and trust. But it only takes 1 client to let you make an impression on them and then they can refer you to other people.


      Dress appropriately
      Have a fold out flyer and business card
      Know ahead of time that you will be back to talk with them. You have to get them to trust you which may require you visiting them every few months or even doing something for free.