Elio Motors, Solar Cell Phones, Garmin Dash Cams -Tech News Tuesday – P.I. Advice Podcast #34

Tech News Tuesdays is something I got inspired to do because it’s fun and it changes things up a bit on the Private Investigator Advice website. Like it or not technology is a part of everything.  Many private investigators depend on technology to do their jobs.  It’s only fitting that we discuss technology and gadgets on the website and on the podcast.

Below are the news stories covered in the podcast and links to the original articles.

Lytro Light Field Camera

The Lytro is an innovative and unique looking camera.  It reminded me of a photo viewer key chain due to it rectangular shape. The Lytro uses light field technology that makes to so you focus many different areas of a picture before or after you take it.

  • Some interesting things about this camera is that you can set the shutter and ISO on this camera.
  • No auto focus (remember you and do all that after you take the picture)
  • Has an easy to use touch screen view finder.
  • Comes with special software to edit photos with.

What reviewers of the camera didn’t like was the fact that the view finder wasn’t very crisp and pictures look pixilated though they might not actually be.  Reviewers also commented negatively when it came to this camera taking pictures in low light conditions.

The technology in the camera might be better suited as being an addition to an existing product.  If you decide to purchase it please share your thoughts with us.

Toshiba’s new dual camera

It’s not available yet but it should be in April of 2014.  The dual 5 mega pixel cameras provided by Toshiba will allow a smart phone to record depth and images at the same time (much like the Lytro).

Garmin Dash Cam

The above picture and affiliate link to Amazon is to a more recent version of the Dash Cam.
There are many dash cameras on the market but Garmin’s Dash Cam might act more like a black box then just a camera.  This dash cam with a 2.3 inch display will turn on when you turn on your vehicle, has time stamp capabilities as well as Geo Tagging.

Once the memory card is full the camera will begin taping over older footage to make room for the new footage.  If sudden breaking occurs this camera will save any video obtained prior the sudden stop (like a wreck).  With a built in mic, this dash cam will give accident investigators video, the speed someone was traveling and the location of the accident all saved on the camera. The cost of the Dash Cam is roughly $220.  Not bad if it does everything it says it does.

For a company I was concerned about not long ago they seem to be finding a way to be innovative.

Alcatel Solar Phone

The above picture is an affiliate link to Amazon. This is not the solar phone as reported below.  
How convenient would it be to not have to depend on electricity to charge your phone (especially for the private investigator that might be on the move following someone on foot?    The Alcatel Solar Phone might be the first step in that direction

The Alcatel Solar phone charges uses the front glass (where the tech is located) as a solar panel.

Reviewers of this indicated the phone needs a bit of work before it is ready give it to the general public but I think this is another example of technology that is headed in the right direction.  If only one of the big boys like Apple or Google would pick up this technology, help it along and then put it in their phones.  Now that would be interesting.

Elio MotorsElio Motors

The size of cars appears to be on the decline.  That is to say that smaller cars are becoming more and more popular in the United States.  There is the Mini, Fiat, Smart Car, golf carts and of course the Toyota Prius.  I was just kidding about golf carts.

Elio Motors has unveiled the one door, 3 wheel car that will get up to 84 miles per gallon.  It is expecting a 5  start crash rating and appears to seat only one (though there is what appears to be a rear seat).

What’s so great about this car; the price of $6,800.  With that low price this vehicle can be a game changer.

In relation to the life of a private investigator, I don’t think this would be appropriate as a surveillance vehicle just yet as it would not be main stream enough.  Though I wouldn’t mind having it for those no surveillance assignments to save on gas.  I guess all we can do is wait and see what happens with this vehicle next year.

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