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Conducting Surveillance on Someone That Knows you are Following Them-#128

Private Investigator Surveillance

There have been few times in my surveillance career that I have followed someone even though they knew they were being followed.  Today I will share a couple of stories with you.  This is probably something you probably didn’t expect to hear from me and I preach and teach that …

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How to Deal With Reckless or Fast Driving Individuals you are Following During a Surveillance #115

How should you deal with or react when the person you are conducting surveillance on begins driving fast or erratic?   This question was asked on one of my videos and I thought it was important enough to write about to provide some advice for new and veteran investigators that conduct …

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11 Time Tested Surveillance Tips For New Investigators- A Reader’s Questions Are Answered #110

Surveillance Tips

Being a private investigator is tough. Being a new private investigator conducting surveillance can be even tougher.  I still remember the trials and struggles I went through as a new investigator and those days were stressful and tough.  Not just mentally but financially.  They were mentally tough because when things …

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#105: How Long Does A Private Investigator Follow Someone? Why Do They Stop?

How long to private investigators have to follow someone?  This is a question I am sure some new or soon to be private investigators have as well as the individuals that find that they are being watched by a private investigator.  In this article I share the most common answers …

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#102: 7 Tips and Considerations When Buying a Video Camera for Surveillance

A video camera surveillance is a very important thing for a private investigator. Over the years I have found small important things to take into consideration when purchasing a video camera that most people might miss.  Generally speaking video cameras are not cheap and you will likely only buy one until …

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