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Does the Increase in the Minimum Wage Mean an Increase for Private Investigation Employees? #112

Private Investigator Employee Salary

Does the increase in the minimum wage mean investigators will get paid more as employees?  Many people think that because of the rise in the minimum wage it will force companies to pay other employees more as a result. About 12 or 13 years ago I entered the private investigation …

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#105: How Long Does A Private Investigator Follow Someone? Why Do They Stop?

How long to private investigators have to follow someone?  This is a question I am sure some new or soon to be private investigators have as well as the individuals that find that they are being watched by a private investigator.  In this article I share the most common answers …

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#96: Private Investigator Files Lawsuit Against Hotel For Detainment

A retired police officer and now private investigator, Saul Roth has filed a lawsuit for undisclosed damages against The Benjamin Hotel.  The suit he filed alleges that Roth has suffered emotional trauma and post-traumatic stress as a result of the hotel’s heavy-handed guards who allegedly “aided and abetted immoral contracts …

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#94: Private Investigator Experience – It Doesn’t Always Mean What You Think!

People in general (including myself sometimes) like to throw around how many years of experience they have.  This of course is supposed to provide some credibility to how much knowledge they have in an particular industry.  Private investigations are no different when it comes to telling others (colleagues, future employers …

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Private Investigator Work Life Balance. Here Are Some Practical Tips. #20

Work LIfe Balance for Private Investigators

As I take my once a year vacation with my family, I thought it would be fitting to post this blog on work life balance as a private investigator.  Individuals with their own small private investigation business or those working for someone else may be able to take something from …

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