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#6 Surveillance Training and Tips Series #3

Private Investigator Surveillance Training Series #3 I have been very eager to start the 3rd series of this surveillance blog.  Although I have lots of information to share, I will most likely not remember everything and there are many more hints and tips that I will pass along in addition to this.One of the most important things to remember in ...

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#5: Surveillance Training and Tips Series #2

Surveillance Series #2  Hey everyone, Continuing on with the surveillance series, what else do we check before going on the actual surveillance?  Great question!  On my pervious blogs I wrote a little bit about checking social media like Facebook.com, Myspace.com, Twitter, etc…I also wrote about all the free searches that are quite powerful. So I am going to take that ...

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#4 Surveillance Training and Tips Series #1

A Successful Surveillance The past month has been very busy but I have been inspired to talk about surveillance because I think it is the least talked about subject in the private investigation field. Many Private Investigators believe surveillance to be part Art and part Science.  I believe this to be true as well.  To truly understand why this comment ...

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