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Conducting Surveillance on Someone That Knows you are Following Them-#128

Private Investigator Surveillance

There have been few times in my surveillance career that I have followed someone even though they knew they were being followed.  Today I will share a couple of stories with you.  This is probably something you probably didn’t expect to hear from me and I preach and teach that there is no value from following someone that knows they ...

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#37: Private Investigator Equipment and Resources for Business

I believe there are several intimidating things that come with starting a private investigation business.  One of those things for me was how to acquire all of the same or similar resources as the established big companies.  I didn’t want to appear unprofessional or like a company that was not established.  With that being said I did not have a ton of ...

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#28: Focusing this Private Investigator Blog

In the late part of 2010 I was put in a position that forced me begin my own private investigation business which was far beyond my comfort zone. In October of 2011 I started a blog because I thought I could help other private investigators or other soon to be private investigators. My original blog was eventually transferred to where ...

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#24: Digital Cameras for Private Investigators. Does Perception Matter?

  I received an email from a new Private Investigation Agency owner looking for some suggestions on still cameras. I responded to the new agency owner with some things to consider when purchasing a camera. I am actually very thankful for the question because it got me thinking of the importance of a good camera for a private investigator.  Before ...

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#22: Must have iPhone Apps for the Private Investigator #4

Private Investigator apps

iPhone apps are quickly becoming one of my most favorite topics in this blog especially as it relates to private investigators.  I honestly can’t wait to share the new ones I come across.  That being said I was able to find some iPhone applications that are very practical in the life of a private investigator.  I would download each of ...

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#21: Private Investigator Blog update for the Month of April.

April has come and gone and this blog has made some big leaps in the last month.  I have soo many tips I want to share with investigators in the industry and ones considering entering the industry.   The only thing keeping me from sharing more is the amount of time in the day which is typically consumed by school, my ...

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