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The Story of a Surveillance Where a Client Provided Too Much Help #109

Surveillance Story

Investigators Don’t Mind a Little Help Client information or help during an investigation can many times mean the difference between a successful investigation and one that is average, or one that fails. If a client provides limited information then it will require more work for the investigator to prepare or be prepared for a surveillance.  The more leg work that ...

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#24: Digital Cameras for Private Investigators. Does Perception Matter?

  I received an email from a new Private Investigation Agency owner looking for some suggestions on still cameras. I responded to the new agency owner with some things to consider when purchasing a camera. I am actually very thankful for the question because it got me thinking of the importance of a good camera for a private investigator.  Before ...

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#22: Must have iPhone Apps for the Private Investigator #4

Private Investigator apps

iPhone apps are quickly becoming one of my most favorite topics in this blog especially as it relates to private investigators.  I honestly can’t wait to share the new ones I come across.  That being said I was able to find some iPhone applications that are very practical in the life of a private investigator.  I would download each of ...

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#17: 7 Ways to Build Experience and Land a Private Investigator Job

Landing a job with a private investigation company can be challenging especially if you have little to no experience in the field. Depending on the size private investigation agency you are applying for and the specific focus of that agency, the qualifications may vary as to what the company is looking for. I have had plenty of experience with hiring ...

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#15 Surveillance Vehicles and Things to Consider

This blog covers my thoughts on surveillance vehicles.  A surveillance vehicle can sometimes make or break your case.  I hope you enjoy the post.  My next blog will cover some brief highlights in February on some small but meaningful accomplishments. MY FIRST SURVEILLANCE VEHICLE When I started in the industry fraud industry almost a decade ago I drove a 1998 ...

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#8 Must have iPhone apps for the Private Investigator part 2

Easy directions

This blog covers iPhone applications that every investigator should consider having available to them. Some of these applications have been untested by myself but only because I have not had a need for the applications at the moment. I am sure many of you will have a need for these applications. The first application that I am pretty excited to ...

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