#38: September Private Investigator Blog, Business, Video and Podcast Review

As I write this I am wrapping up 18 straight days of working.  I think the most days I have ever worked consecutively was around 26.   I remember asking the Facebook followers several months ago what their record of consecutive days was and I found that 26 days was relatively low in comparison to what other investigators had done.   With that being said I have slacked off on writing articles, making videos and making a podcast episode.  As much as I would love to just do the aforementioned things full time, I don’t make any real money from doing it.  Doing work as an actual private investigator is what pays the bills and will always be a priority. 

My Private Investigation Business Website

An interesting thing happened this month which I am really excited about.   My business website moved up the Google rankings.  Originally it was my goal to begin writing blog posts on the website to generate natural traffic.  I managed to write one blog post and never got around to writing a second one.  During that time my articles from the P.I. Advice website were being carried by other websites.  The back link that was being used was my business website (Fortifiedis.com) and PrivateInvestigatorAdviceHQ.com.  Over the past month or so I have seen an increase in back links to my business website as a result of several other websites republishing my articles.  I think this is the main reason that my business website has moved up the rankings.   I will get into this more on the next podcast because this really proves a good point that I never really thought about in regards to my business website blog. 

Private Investigator Videos

The last video I made was in response to a Facebook follower which answered the question as to whether video can be rotated during the editing process.  I really enjoyed being able to answer the question by making a video. 

If you have a question that I can answer I will try to do it on video or the podcast. 

Private Investigator Advice Podcast

I have 4 podcasts up and running.  Over 480 downloads of the show from 8 countries have happened over the past month and a half.  The podcast is building momentum which is very exciting because it keeps me motivated to produce more content.  I battle with work life balance but I will do my best to produce at the very least 2 podcasts a month.  If you have specific question you want answered leave me a voicemail on the website.  The question you have will most likely be a question that someone else has.

Private Investigator Advice Blog

Like the videos and podcast, I was unable to write anything over the last couple of weeks in September.  I aim for writing 3 to 4 articles a month.  If you want to receive alerts as to when a new blog is posted I suggest signing up for email alerts on the right sidebar. 

Wrap Up

Thank you all for reading, listening and watching.  The website is not even a year old and nearly 1,500 people find the website a month from all over the world.  I hope to be able to answer many real life questions for those getting into the industry, those in the industry and those starting their business. 

Thanks again,