I am rebuilding the private investigator store and it is taking a little bit longer than I expected.  This resource shows many of my recommendations that were in the P.I. Store.

This is a resource page that shows some of the resources I use on a daily basis. If you are new to the private investigation industry, interested in the industry or maybe your a veteran investigator that is looking for new ideas,  there is something for you on this page.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate for some of the links below and I will earn a commission if you make a purchase through those links (at no cost to you).  I recommend these products because I have used them or trust them,  They are not recommended because I earn a commission from them.  Don’t buy these products if you don’t think they can help you in some way.



– I just finished this book on audio. This is a very good book for anyone on finding financial freedom. This is good for any private investigator or business owner.





 – This is one of the first books I purchased I believe about 8 years ago. I have the first edition if I am no mistaken.  I enjoyed reading this and learned a significant amount.





 – This book is more of a resource for private investigators.  You are going to have questions as to where to find answers and this book has a ton of references to find answers.  I have this book and it has been a great resource for me.






 – Another book I have. Is this something your interested in?  I would read this book first.






 – In the process of reading this book from Gary Vaynerchuck.  Very motivating guy.  You can find him on






 – I got the audio version of this book.   There are some great principles to apply in the business world that Tim Ferriss reveals.  I didn’t apply everything in this book to my business but some of the stuff is worth applying.






 – One of the first books I read as a supervisor for a private investigation agency.  Worth checking out.





I recently picked up this book to sharpen my knowledge on laws related to background checks.




A popular book for new investigators.





 This one has high marks on Amazon.  I purchased the Kindle version of the book.





Covert Video Sunglasses This is something you should consider having as a primary or secondary spy camera. Good for internal and external video.  These are very similar to the first pair I ever purchased.  They are reasonably priced to find out if they will work well for you.











Car Alarm Remote Keychain DVR Camera– My favorite hidden camera that I use everyday.

Swann DVR-421 PenCam Mini Video Camera & Recorder Executive-quality Black Ballpoint Pen, Hidden Pinhole Camera– Great for surveillance and process serving. Get an idea of how it works on my Youtube video.

Pivothead Durango Whitey 1080p Hd Video Camera Sunglasses – Have not used these yet but these appear to be the covert sunglasses of the future.


 – This is the product I use that allows me to take the video from video camera and put the video on my computer with the time stamp (Date and Time) on the video.  I have used this product for about 2 years now.






Windows Movie Maker – I use this to remove the sound off my covert video.  Pretty easy to use.  If you want to learn how to remove the sound from your video then watch this VIDEO.  You can download it from the aforementioned link if it is not on your computer.  I am pretty sure this is for PC’s only.


This model from Sun Pak is suppose to have the detachable mono pod. The cost of this upgraded version is about what I paid for the version without the mono pod.  Pretty good deal.  I am happy with my pistol grip mono pod.  Click on the tri pod for more information from Amazon.  To see my video review of the Sunpak tripod click here.


I am currently using the Mafrotto Compact Action tripod which is better then the Sunpak tripod in my review.  I will try to make a video for it as soon as I can.  The Manfrotto Compact Action tripod as the grip hand which I love and is made better.



YouSendIt– I use YouSendIt to send large video files to my clients.  If you are a vendor or plan on being a vendor for other investigation agencies, you will want this to send video files to them.  Most companies require that you are capable of sending large files.  Click the following link for a 14 day free trial.  I pay very little per year for this service.  Send Large Files Up to 2GB – Free 14 Day Trial!


Interesting Websites

Vigilantism – Many examples of what Not to do with your investigative skills



  1. Johannes Thabane

    I would like to start my own private investigator company please help where do I begin?

  2. About that Dazzle from Pinnacle. Is this a needed piece of equipment? Since video cameras now have SD cards and you can import from the card to a computer without this extra step.

    • Dazzle or DVMP PRO Yes you will need one of these.


      • I do not understand the advantage of having the Dazzle or the DVMP PRO. I am a video editor and my wife has just started with a firm as an investigator. Is the software needed for the time stamp? The camera she is using can place the time stamp on the video as she records.

        • Have you seen the video off the camera with the time stamp or only on the camera?

          • On the video off the camera. It’s embedded on the image.

          • If you can deliver video with a time and date stamp on the video then you do not need dazzle or DVMP PRO. What video camera is you wife using? I have only heard of one camera burning a date and time stamp into the video without a second step but I have never seen it first hand.


          • It’s a Canon Vixia HF r500. You must go through a quick setup every time, but it only takes a minute. I understand that sometimes one does not have that minute. As long as you would have the camera on the date/time is recorded on the video.

          • I think I know the mode you are talking about thought I haven’t messed with it. I have the Canon Vixia HF R600. If there is a step I would have to take each time before videotaping then I could not do it. And if doing that kept me from getting important video then I could not justify doing it. I would rather worry about it on the back end when I compile the video together. Thank you for sharing Vern.


  3. How important is it to have both a video and still shot camera? Can you not just pull still shots from the video?

    • So I don’t take pictures during a surveillance. My camera is used for things like taking pictures of evidence, measurements, vehicle involved in an accident, etc.. I do a great deal of insurance surveillance and only take video for that.

      And yes I do pull still shots from the video and put them in the report. It gives some context when the client is reading the report as to what his happening without looking at the video. It also just makes the report look better.

      Thanks for the question Glenn

  4. Very interesting and valuable information.

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