Private Investigator News and Stories- P.I. Advice Podcast #31

Private Investigation news and stories from around the world will be something new added to the private investigator advice website and podcast.  I won’t cover or share every news item I come across but I will try to share stories that relate as closely to the private investigation industry as possible.

In this 31st episode of the Private Investigator Advice Podcast I share some stories that I thought were interesting and educational.  Many of these stories might spark new ideas for your business or they might simply support the fact as to why private investigators exist.

Diligenta picBrian Willingham with the Diligentia Group writes a blog entitled,”10 Ways an Attorney Can Effectively Use a Private Investigator”.  Brian keeps his blog simple and straight forward with the 10 ways a lawyer can use him effectively.  He uses some great key words to attract lawyers to his website.  Use some of these services he recommends and use this blog post as an example of what you should be writing on your own blog to attract customers.

PI Feed shares a post written by PINOW that ranks the top private pi now twitterinvestigators on Twitter.  To be honest I was a bit shocked that I didn’t make it on the Twitter list but I am over it now J.  I hope to make the list next year.  With that being said, if your looking for some private investigators that are active on Twitter this is a great list to check out.

2  private investigatosI truly enjoy when private investigators catch scammers.  The Claims Journal shares a story of a photographer who was ordered to repay more than $60,000 in Workers’ Comp Benefits.

Though it shouldn’t surprise me, private investigators are following teenagers after being hired by the parents.  Apparently this service is doing well in the UK. I wonder how well it is or would do in the United States.

Yet another story of a individual being caught working while receiving Workers’ Comp benefits.  This individual worked as a dump truck driver while receiving benefits. shares the story.

Collen CollinsKusic and Kusic Ltd. has made it on my blog radar as I have come across a couple articles written by them recently.  In this article this article they discuss Colleen Collin and her life as a female private investigator.  I discuss it in the podcast and of course you can read the original article by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy this new podcast segment on news relating to the private investigation industry. Thanks for reading, watching and listening.