#25: Private Investigator Blog update for the Month of May and June… It’s getting busy!

Do you ever wish there were more hours in the day or days in the week? That is where I am right now. I continue to strive for a work life balance while trying to please those that I do work for.  With summer arriving, I can only expect the work load to remain high.  If you are in this industry this is not anything new for you. If you are just getting into the private investigation industry make sure you read, What is it like to be a private investigator? The 7 things I wish I knew before becoming a private investigator.

In May I worked almost every day of the month. There were 4 days I spent in Austin, Texas with some old Army buddies.  We had a great time floating the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels.  I was fortunate to make some great friends while in the Army.

Recent Milestones

Several things have happened over the past month and a half that I feel is worth sharing with you.


This blog continues to reach people all over the world through search results and it inspires me even more to put out quality articles. If you are just finding this blog make sure to add it to your RSS reader to receive email updates when a new article is posted. There has been a great response and I thank the readers who take the time to read this blog. If you feel someone can gain something from this site, make sure to share this site with them. This blog is now averaging approximately 25 readers a day as I write this.


As of June 4, 2012 I have completed my last class for college. For me to say I am very glad to be done would be an understatement. Although I am happy to be finished with school, it was definitely something worth doing.  I will always have my degree to fall back on if for some reason I decide to go a different route in my career.
I originally pursued my degree to give myself some career options and to learn about business. As time progressed and I was fortunate to start my own business.  The education I received did help me through some learning curves of business. I am still considering whether to go to the commencement ceremony. If I go I will post some pictures.


It has been so busy for me over the last month I had a difficult time finding the time to write articles. I did have some time to make 4 videos that will be helpful to new investigators. I enjoy putting videos together and I hope to put future videos together that provide value. If you are new to the website, new videos are always posted on the side bar. The focus of the videos is on surveillance and just a few techniques to use. There is quite a bit involve with surveillance that just isn’t talked about enough.


I wanted to thank P.I.Now.com and Scott Harrell for sharing my articles with their readers. If you have not heard of PI Now, it is a website worth checking out. Scott Harrell is very involved in the private investigation community. You can find Scott though his online private investigation course at Beaprivateeye.com


It’s my goal to provide no less than 3 articles a month and I am sorry that the month of May didn’t have many articles. With school coming to a close there is a bit more time for me to write. If you are interested in reading about a specific topic in particular be sure to contact me through the contact page with your thoughts or stop by the P.I Advice Facebook page and leave your thoughts there.

Thank you for reading this blog.


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