1. I just listened to the Pod Cast on how to write a Surveillance Report- found it SO helpful.

    Can anyone tell me what is the normal/average time frame for a report to go out to client after surveillance is completed (and fully paid for). My P.I. keeps saying ‘will send’ but haven’t seen anything yet. This was NOT a long involved case, just a 2 time show up for like 1/2 hour to get photos/video of 1 or 2 people entering/leaving a home. I have asked in writing at least 3 times, and he keeps saying will send but no follow thru when he says or anything yet.

    Any suggestions for me? Appreciate it!

    • Hi Sherrill,

      It should not take any longer then a few days to get you the report and video (assuming that was all that is requested). Do we know for sure that the investigator actually completed the assignment?


    • sherrill;
      I do not think the Surveillance had been completed in such a short time, as well you had mentioned that, ” just to get photos/video of 1 or 2 people entering/leaving a home.” ? Could you elaborate why you had asked? rather than demanded on your 3rd request? You began your letter above requesting, “Can anyone tell me what is the…” Would you rather have many different reasons to your questions, by asking the public at large for answers. It sounded like you were directing your question to Andrew?
      Otherwise you could have written your missive to your local newspaper, right? Personally, being that you are new to the field you were probably on an internship to prove your worth over a period of time? Yes? No?

      • William,

        I believe she is the client and she hired a private investigator a to take pictures of persons entering and leaving an establishment. It sounded as if the surveillance days were in 30 min periods to just get the activity she was looking for.

        She is looking for her final report and doesn’t understand why it is taking so long since she only hired them to do a small amount of work.

        Typically when an investigator is stalling and not providing a product (report, video,pictures) it may be because it was never done.


  2. Thanks for your prompt reply Andrew! Yes, know he did the surveillance. ..but 2 weeks and nothing but replies like “will do” or “sure” to my requests for report/video.

    Any recommendations on recourse or next step?

    • Unless the investigator can produce evidence that he indeed did the work, he has not done the work. I would request a refund immediately and inform the investigator the wait is unreasonable. So #1, get a refund if there is no report/video. #2 you can consider making a complaint again the company to the licensing department.

  3. Thanks Andrew! Appreciate the help!

  4. Sherrill,

    How did this problem end? Did you ever get video

  5. My U8 keep vibrating and it does keep a red light still and then after it vibrates it turn off how do I knowmif if on standby or shutoff.

    • I haven’t used the U8 camera in awhile. I would check the video footage to see when it stops recording. If this is happening before you start recording then I would follow my instructions in the video for recording and then check the footage after a few minutes.

      If nothing is working then it just might be defective.


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