PIA 007: Private Investigation Questions Answered Podcast

Long Private Investigator Podcast Break

Well I was finally I was able to get a podcast out.  It has been a very busy month for me with balancing work and family time.  At the beginning of November the family and I went to the Great Wolf Lodge.  There are several of these hotels in the United States and I am fortunate to have one that isn’t too far from where I live.  This hotel is absolutely awesome.  The main attraction to the hotel is the indoor water park which is enormous.  Besides the family style tube water slides, there is a huge wave pool, arcade, restaurant, day spa, kid day spa and a ton more.  To find out more about this awesome place click here.

You will probably hear me say this for years to come.  Whether you’re an investigator or a plumber, making time for your family is extremely important.

Private Investigation Questions Answered

One of the great things about the listeners and readers is they ask questions that I would never think of.  Over the past couple of months I have received several questions which I answered however I thought they were good questions to address on the podcast.  I actually enjoy answering questions much more on the podcast then coming up with my own content.

In this podcast I discuss to what extent someone should do unlicensed investigative work.  I discuss a bit how you should practice surveillance techniques and what I did as I came into the industry.  People do investigative work all the time.  The difference is whether they do it legally, safely and properly.

A question was asked as to whether a criminal justice type degree would give someone a head start in the industry.  I have spoken about this topic in blog articles and previous podcasts.  I get the chance to expand my thoughts a bit more on this subject during the podcast.

I also go on a rant about getting burnt on surveillance and how some investigators either do not pay attention to how they are burnt or don’t care.  Either way it is very upsetting.  Conducting surveillance on individuals that are aware they are being followed isn’t good for the investigator, the client or the subject you are following.


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I also reveal a podcast that I started for dads/parents with my brother and Luka from California.  The podcast and blog are in the beginning stages but are entertaining and informative. If you’re a dad or a parent it might be something to check out.  If there is anything I have a passion for other than being a private investigator, it’s being a parent.

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Thank you for reading, listening and watching.  I hope these resources help you in your career path.